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Mmmmmmm BACON!

Saturday will soon be here despite our continued struggle with the new format. Prices are on the rise and last minute changes will be more abundant then ever. However, we need to make sure as we prepare the half time bacon that week one's low prices don't end up slipping through our fingers.

Perfecting the new format will take weeks if not longer for many to finally be comfortable with navigating through it. Losing out on early season discounts COULD be less then a few hours away!

As we all know, the season is extremely long and anything can happen at anytime. The addition of the bench allows us the "option" to take advantage of early season discounts but you need to be prepared to act and act quickly.

Here is a small CHECK LIST of players you can easily go to and refresh your thoughts during week one.

Hopefully prices taken at the time of preparing this post will be current?


K. TOURE: @5.64 / M. DeBUCHY: @4.49 / P. JONES: @6.37

E. PIETERS: @7.08/ R. RAT: @7.08 / A. LUNA: @7.08

M. DAWSON: @8.70


K. DeBRUYNE: @6.28 / M. VAN GINKEL: @6.28

J. NAVAS: @6.28 / C. ADAM: @7.00

PAULINHO: @6.28 / N. CHADLI: @6.28

E. GIACCHERINI: @6.28 / V. WANYAMA: @6.28


W. BONY: @7.23 / R. SOLDADO: @7.23 / S. JOVETIC @7.23

A. NEGREDO: @7.23 / N. ANELKA @7.23 / I. ASPAS @7.23 /

N. JELAVIC: @8.77 / P. CISSE @8.35 / R. WOLFSWINKEL @7.23



A. LINDEGAARD @ 2.64 / B. GUZAN @4.48 / T. KRUL @4.69

I am sure EVERYONE understands that these ARE NOT player recommendations and prices on ANY of the listed players could actually drop.

We do have four mandatory bench positions to fill and just to remind you again, prices seem to be ON THE RISE. Being able to "squirrel" away a Navas or any player that rises to the top in week one will be crucial to this seasons success.

For those who love fillers here are some GREAT ONES:

J. Livermore @1.00 / S. Sinclair @ 1.96

Feel free to add any player you feel is a great early season purchase.

Are you prepared?