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The Morning Chat (Sunday Edition)

Yesterday we got off and running in fine fashion. Benteke showed us all he will certainly be a force to deal with this season. There was a Wayne Rooney sighting and everyone is now trying to fit Robin Van Persie into an already crowded striker group of players. Frustration abounds regarding the "NEW CHANGES" in our beloved game but it is now Sunday and more games are here for our enjoyment. So..let's CHAT!

Michael Steele

Not really sure how I did yesterday. Everytime I look at my point total it changes. As of now I have had four players complete with no Captain and finished with 69 points. Remaining players are Cech/Ivanovic/Cole/Navas/Oscar/Ramires/Hazard (c)/Benteke. Only bench player of note: Livermore

My current barn door team is as follows. I am aware there are a few issues (Nastastic/Aguero) but this is where I stand at the moment.




Bench: Coats/Luna/Chadli/Boruc (1.88/bank)

How has the season started for you?