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Has there ever been a time like this, where a complete starting 11 of NEW faces to the premier league could be assembled in WEEK 1 and actually be one of the BEST teams out there? I've heard talk we are heading in that direction, but I'm here to tell you we may are already there!

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

The start of each new season always brings back those old trusted players we count on each week to anchor down our most cherished of all possessions, Our Fantasy Football Team!

We quickly grab up last seasons most productive players, and carefully fill every key position one by one, hoping to FIT IN as many as the budget will allow. Once we have exhausted every possible scenario, we turn our focus to the newly transferred in and promoted players and begin our search for the best player(s) who's introductory price, and early success, could lead us to that next, dare I say it.... SEASON KEEPER!

Now, we could get into a detailed discussion on each new face, but I am going to approach this a little differently.

I am going to list my "NEWBIES" starting 11 players and would like to see if others who read this post would also list (their individual) starting 11 of all NEW players. By doing this I believe it will help others get a better idea of who should be considered and maybe who should not be considered. I think it will help others understand the mindset of many individual posters on what, if any, direction they would take if these players were all considered starters. I am also going list the name of the ONE player I would choose and why for a Season Keeper.

Note: Feel free to take some liberties with the word "New" and include players like Anelka and more who are Old/New faces.

NEWBIES...2013/2014 Team:

Maarten Stekelenburg

Razvan Rat...Sascha Riether...Antonio Luna

Jesus Nevas...Paulino...Robbie Brady...Fernandinho

Wilfred Bony...Soldado...Alvaro Negredo

Season Keeper: Jesus Navas

Mainly because I find it much more difficult to keep a striker position locked up each week for one single player although Soldado looks very promising.

The best part about all this... there's MORE to come!

So...let's see those "Newbie" teams.