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KM's (Week 2) Player Picks!

You sit back and listen as the crowd goes wild. Excitment and anticipation grows to a feverish level as you wait for that single moment in time when the one thing you crave more then anything in the world finally arrives! I present to you the long awaited encore performance................... KM's Player Picks..WEEK 2!

Jamie McDonald

How can you not be excited about this season after week one?

All three recently promoted teams displayed great heart as they began their quest to remain in the Premiere League. Aston Villa sent a message not only to the league but to all fantasy managers that they are a force to be reckoned with this season, while Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United all proved they are worthy contenders for Champions league status.

Since this is a short week and the weekend is rapidly approaching lets get to this weeks fixtures and player choices.

Some maybe a little concerned that many of the teams I will be looking at this week are ALL playing on the road.

Some may be..I'm not!

I will be looking at:

West Brom @ Everton

Norwich @ Hull City

West Ham @ Newcastle

Liverpool @ Aston Villa (This will be a cracker)

And the main focus of many managers this week:

Manchester City @ Cardiff


Lloris: He is my top choice this week for goal keeper. I understand Spurs have a few remaining problems at the back and they did seem to struggle against newly promoted Crystal Palace but his movement in goal was excellent and I see another big week for him and at the @8.87 barn door price is my starting man in goal. Still worth a start @10.75/current price.

Tim Howard: Home to West Brom he is my mid priced keeper for the week. A strong contender to have a clean sheet and maybe a few saves to go along with it. @8.80 he is my #2 choice this week between the sticks.

Boruc: Makes the list this week for two reasons. Home to Sunderland and Price. @6.29 he is the budget pick of goal keepers and should return value but I do not see a clean sheet here regardless of the opponent.


Pablo Zabaleta: If you want to splash the cash he is my top choice for defender this week and is currently on my team. Should get you value and then some. A strong pick.

Sebastien Bassong: Appears to be back, fit and should start this weekend at Hull City and @10.11 he is currently holding a spot on my team.

Joleon Lescott: Should get the nod again this weekend and at his current price of 9.91 makes him an easy way into City's back line and he is currently on my team.

Dejan Lovren: A decent pick @8.23 and is a cheap way into Southampton's defence. He was very active in the win over West Brom and I see a possible good game this week again.

Erik Pieters: With first game jitters out of the way I see a good opportunity this week for him to prove why he should be on your watch list and @7.02 is a solid choice.


David Silva: What is not to like about this guy? He is the man that drives the City machine and is as close to a must pick this week as it gets. He is on my team and should be on yours.

Coutinho: This guy just gets better each time I see him. His price is still reasonable considering our available funds so there is no reason to leave this guy off your team this week.

Kevin Nolan: Newcastle are struggling at the moment and he appears to be in good form early on so I see him as a strong choice and he is currently on my team. If funds are an issue, M. Jarvis would be a good option here.

Sigurdsson: This guy is capable of anything at anytime and could be that option pick that really pays off. He is a top consideration for my team this week.

J. Wilshere: I like him and his price is reasonable. Considering him for a spot on my team this week.

Jesus Navas: At his current price he is on every ones team. That said he has a solid match up and could have a big game here. He is currently on my team.

E. Giaccherina: A nice budget pick this week and a decent bench option. A player to watch over the next few weeks.


Theo Walcott: Not exactly a great match up at Fulham but the following week Arsenal are at home against Spurs with a Champions League game wedged in between so the pressure to get it done at Fulham increases greatly and I see a full out attack by Arsenal making Theo Walcott an interesting choice. He is currently on my team.


RVP: He was on my team last week and strongly regret not making him Captain. He remains on my team this week and possibly for many weeks to come.

Aguero/Dzeko: Both are excellent choices but having both is not recommended. Aguero is currently on my team.

Sturridge: Not sure I would pay 18 for him but this guy is hard to ignore on any game week. I don't have him but would not blame you if you did.

Soldado: It would be a bit harder to recommend him this week if his price was more in line with Sturridge's but it's not. He's cheep, He will start, and should score. He is currently on my team.

Giroud: There is no secret I like this guy. Only wish I had room on my team for him somewhere. A good option for those having trouble filling strikers positions. (Ha)

K. Mirallas: Actually tempted to drop Soldado this week for him then pick Soldado back up later. I have a strong feeling about him this week. Not sure what I'm going to do about it just yet?

Managed 179 points for week 1.

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Good stuff !

How is your team shaping up?

UPDATE: My team this it!




Aguero/Soldado/RVP (.64/bank)

Bench: Spence/Livermore/Jenkinson/Elliott

Dropped Navas but will grab him back on the door. Cleared bench with the exception of Jenkinson who will back up the Seabass pick for now and remains my only player in question.