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Bugs are fixed ! Season starts now

Many of us were having big problems in the opening week due to lots of bugs in the system,everything now is almost fixed and we are almost ready to play our favorite game.

Richard Heathcote

Our Yahoo friends promised us that all the bugs will be fixed before Week 2 and they offered their sincere apology for the delay of that matter to all Nevermanagealone members and fans across the world,we can confirm to you that some of them have been fixed and we are raring to go.

List of bugs that were fixed:

1) Finally you can now click and see your friends team selection.

2) You can sort out searching by position ( G/D/M/F).

3) Successful cross are added to the points grid of the player.

4) Ranking changes are calculated.

We are still waiting for the Message Boards and the weekly performances to be fixed pretty soon.

Good luck today for all your Chelsea and Villa players