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Barn Door Live Chat Week 2 (Sunday Edition)

So, how did you do yesterday? After the Arsenal game at Fulham the goals were few and far between. The chatter seemed to die down as the day went on, leading me to believe many have a greater interest in the remaining three games. Today we have: Swansea @ Spurs AND Manchester City @ Cardiff City.......

Stu Forster

My week has started off slow, but from what I have been reading I am not alone. Theo Walcott got me off to a good start but it all fizzled out soon after. Kevin Nolan disappointed with a (-1) yuck!  I was however, able to put the bench into good use as SeaBass did not start for me allowing Jenkinson to fill his spot with a (+6) return. Better then a zero!

I am heavily invested in the remaining games with the majority of players yet to take the field.

Only 24 points from 4 players but still have Captain RVP plus 6 additional good starters to play.

What moves have you made?

How is your week so far?

Current Barn Door Team:  Lloris/Lescott/Zabaleta/Distin/Navas/Fellaini/Silva/Michu/Aguero/Soldado/RVP

Bench: Boruc/Barkley/Fillers  (1.44/bank)

Lets CHAT!