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The season is barely underway and it appears I have found a new fantasy nemesis....The Captain! Is this just a slow start, or will this new feature indeed derail my entire season?

In the first two weeks of football, encompassing three complete games, I have managed a total of 254 points. Of those 254 points only 26 can be attributed to my choice of Captain.

For me there is only one way to play this feature and that is to attach the (c) to the player on my squad with the greatest potential to score GOALS! I see this as the best risk/reward for the weekly gamble.

I have seen others choose goal keepers and defenders while some seek out players prone to phantom points with the occasional goal being only a small possibility.

Despite the slow start I have no plans to change the way I approach my choice.

RVP may have only gotten 2 points this week from what many called an obvious poor choice from a difficult match up, but it was only a few points less then the popular Aguero choice with the "easy" match up.

So, is there a BEST way to play this feature?