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Sunday Double Header Analysis

Its the big Sunday showdown between Liverpool vs Man United & Arsenal vs Spurs,we take a detailed look about the matches and which players you should keep and who are the ones that should be sold.

Michael Regan

With the new format and the increased budget maybe you have to think twice about picking up expensive players in tough matches,Last week we saw that RVP didnt do the business and lots of us picked him in our fantasy teams ( Not me).

This week we have a new dilemma and whether to sell our top fantasy stars or leave them with tough matches on Sunday,everyone one of us got a different approach in how to handle this situation and i will give you an inside look about how i approach this week.

For this week,i would recommend to load up with Man city players,so if you want to have 6 players or so then its a good idea as i expect them to brush aside Hull City with a big score.

I will have the two Man city strikers+ David Silva+ 2 Def+ Hart,i am currently not a big fan of Jesus Navas and i knew that he would not produce points in his first games,if Corner won was counted in this game then he would be a really good fantasy player but without Corners then his fantasy points is hugely disappointing,he might get an assist every now and then but he wont have steady points like David Silva so i would prefer to have that slot for someone else.

Liverpool vs Man United

What a big game we got on Sunday but fantasy wise it might not the best idea to put any players from both teams,Will you keep Coutinho and Sturridge? the answer for me is YES,i think Sturridge is in excellent form and it might be a wise idea to leave him in your side for this week.

Coutinho had a quiet week against Villa last week and i think some people might chip him out of the team,If you want to chip him out then its not a bad idea as he really got a tough match up but some players love big games and i think that i might keep him for this week.

Kolo Toure is injured so everybody should press the sell button.

RVP didnt perform last week and i wouldnt recommend to have him again in your line up,Having a big budget doesn't mean that RVP should be in your team every week that is absolutely not correct as this game is played week in and week out,so if the match up is good then he should be in your team other than that there is plenty of other options to choose from.

Arsenal vs Tottenham

The big London derby usually bring us lots of goals and excitement,i will keep Walcott as he currently on all set pieces duties and loves to shoot so for that reason he will remain in my team.

Other fantasy managers are having a nightmare whether to drop Soldado or no,i had him last week but i will sell him for this week,i know that Arsenal defense is not the best but i see no reason to put a player playing @ Arsenal with other good match up in the week,so for that reason i would sell him.

I also would not recommend buying Cazorla with this price as its very high,other players that you might worth to consider is Oliver Giroud.

I would also stay away from both Goal Keepers and Defenders for this game,so having Lloris is not a good idea at all even if he got you 20 points last week,if you really like him and dont want to lose the change then just drop him on your bench for this week and choose a different Goal Keeper in your line up.

We will be having Player picks+ Injury/Suspensions+Fantasy player to watch pretty soon.