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Barn Door Live Chat Week 3

Just love it when it's game time! Hope you have all made your last minute adjustments and there are NO CHELSEA or VILLA players in your line up! Would love to see many more goals this week and have them all come from players on my team! Will City disappoint? Will you rise to the top of your league?

Jamie McDonald

As usual my team will not look like your team.

This week I am on:


B. Davis/Zabaleta/Distin


Aguero (c)/Soldado/RVP!!

I love it!  But that's me..

Some great match ups to look forward to next game week (September 14)

United home to Crystal Palace

Villa home to Newcastle

Arsenal on the road at Sunderland

Spurs home to Norwich

And what I see as a good game to watch

Swansea at home to Liverpool