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The M.T.T. Barometer?

Many beyond our community may not understand the reasoning in this post but hopefully some of the "old guard" within the community will appreciate it. With the season now less then two weeks away it's time for us consider which teams have made the best off season moves. For this to happen we need a bench mark for what many considered (not good) so we can now determine what is (better). I now give you the M.T.T. Barometer. (More Then Torres!)

Jamie McDonald

It's hard for me to remember a time when Fernando Torres (Bambi) was a popular choice here at NMA. Over the past few seasons I cannot think of a another player who brings about a bigger reaction once announced he is this weeks striker choice on ANYONE'S team.


In order to determine this years team(s) who have the greatest number of high scoring "Fantasy" choices, we first need to determine what exactly is High Scoring? It is with that in mind that I give you this years preseason M.T.T. Barometer totals per team.

The numbers were tallied by taking "Bambi's" last season fantasy total of 199.50 points and breaking down each team into how many players scored MORE then that. To be as fair as possible, I also added players that (might) have scored more but were limited by overall games played. Their number will be listed in parentheses and will be PART of the OVERALL total.

Arsenal: 7 (2)

Aston Villa: 3 (2)

Chelsea: 12 (1) Includes Torres

Everton: 9 (2)

Fulham: 3 (1)

Liverpool: 8 (2)

Manchester City: 7 (2)

Manchester United: 7 (3)

Newcastle: 2 (1)

Norwich: 3 (2)

Southampton: 4 (1)

Stoke: ZERO (Zero)

Sunderland: 4 (1)

Swansea: 6 (2)

Tottenham: 5 (1)

West Brom:Zero (1)

West Ham: 5 (3)

Numbers reflect players CURRENT, and not last season's team. Example Lukaku is reflected in Chelsea's totals and not West Brom's.

Order of teams with the HIGHEST number of current players scoring more then Torres are as follows.

Chelsea/Everton/Liverpool/Arsenal/City/United/Swansea/Tottenham/West Ham/Sunderland/Southampton/Villa/Fulham/Norwich/Newcastle/West Brom/Stoke.

Footnote: This was done just to have a little fun and WILL NOT be posted as a main page article but will be on there if you look hard enough!