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Making It Work

It appears perfecting the new format may take longer then expected, however, this is no excuse to start the season off on the wrong foot. While we struggle with double games, benches, promoted teams and some very exciting transfers, there are some obvious precautions we need to take to avoid getting left far behind early on. Here are just a few to keep you on your toes.

Michael Regan

The Save Button:

This could end up being your worst nightmare. ANYTIME you have the PICTURE of your team on screen and adjustments are being made, NEVER click on it until you have checked & rechecked EACH POSITION.

There is NO display asking are you sure! There is NO display list of players being dropped! There is NO display list of players being acquired! There is only SAVE and if you hit it.... you own it!

Protecting Your Discounts:

Nothing is more cherished then our discounted players. We love posting their names each week with our team selections and of course we ALWAYS include our special price along side..Michu @5. We love it!

So how do we protect them from the dreaded SAVE BUTTON? I believe I have a way.

Anytime you are moving players around on your team looking for the best possible combination, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, take your discounts and place them ON THE BENCH and move you bench players out to the main field and yes..HIT SAVE!

This may require changing formations to accommodate certain positions but while you tinker away with player selections one thing will be will not accidentally drop your discounted players.

Looking Ahead:

With players scores now being updated during the game, it is more important then ever you have some idea of what your planning the following week. These updates will make for some hectic times and if you are all over the place chasing points with no plan for next weeks match ups you are are setting yourself up for some major blunders. Also, if the speed and quickness Yahoo has demonstrated so far this preseason in removing players being transferred out from our player selections continues into the pricing updates after the game, an unprepared managed could find themselves left out in the rain.

The Captain:

Do not underestimate this new feature, as It has the power to make or break your season all by itself.

Most important: You need to do all you possibly can to make sure your Captain's choice..STARTS! Any doubt of a players starting status in a given week should instantly remove him from your thought process. For the most part, slow & steady is the way to play here with solid performing players with good weekly scoring averages making there way to the top of your list. There will be a time for "risky" picks, like on weeks where there appears to be no stand out fixtures, and most if not all top choices will be locked up in tight battles. This could be the best time to take a risk on your gut feeling of the week. Not when RVP is on your team and playing home to Crystal Palace. This IS NOT the time to get a funny feeling about Kagawa and put him as Captains choice.

Good luck!