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Barn Door Live Chat Week 3 (Sunday Edition)

Congratulations appear to be in order for all the LUCKY managers who were SO FAR OFF on their predictions about Manchester City yesterday but ended up with some fantastic fantasy scores DESPITE the poor play from City's back line..I tip my hat! I am not bitter and my anger management classes "seem" to be working.

Chris Brunskill

For the second week in a row, goals were at a premium and defense ruled the day.

We are finishing off week 3 and no real fantasy attackers or midfielders have risen to that "must have" status we all desire.

However, today we have three wonderful match ups that could bring about several candidates to fill those fantasy shoes.

Swansea VS West Brom

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Arsenal vs Tottenham

Most of us suffered with a non-working barn door yesterday so I am not sure everyone got any real work accomplished.

For me, I brought in: Benteke/Walcott/Mertesacker/Vidic and a couple others that may not stay. The four listed look like they could remain.

I finished yesterday with 57 points with most of my "high risk" players going today:

Soldado/RVP/Michu/B. Davis/Lloris...Captain was Aguero.

How did you do?