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KM's (Week 4) Player Picks

The countless marches that have lined so many city streets. The formal request of over 127 government officials from 43 different countries. Dogs barking, women screaming, babies crying and cars not starting have all combined to put an end to your suffering and bring back that which is cherished beyond all worldly measures! ....................I give you................... KM's Week 4 Player Picks!

Alex Livesey

Over the past couple weeks so much changed. Liverpool have taken command at the top of the chart while Manchester United find themselves sitting in 7th position. Arsenal have finally made an early season move that has everyone's attention and those dreaded  injury doubts have us pulling our hair out once again.. and it's only week 4!

The match ups I will be focusing on this week are:

Crystal Palace @ Manchester United

Arsenal @ Sunderland

Norwich @ Tottenham

Newcastle @ Aston Villa

Manchester United are at home in what is certainly a must win game. Arsenal are at a out-of-sort Sunderland side while both Villa and Spurs have favorable home games.

I believe we will see plenty of goals this week however, there are still some sold defender/goal choices that should be considered.  Let's get started.


A. BORUC: At 5.79 he is my budget choice of the week. Home to West Ham should see plenty of save opportunities combined with Southampton's defense playing very well a clean sheet could just add to an already nice return.

A. McGREGOR: Hull City have shown they are strong side at home while Cardiff City have yet to notch a goal away from home. This may be a low scoring affair but should be a game worth watching. At 6.43 he was tied for budget pick of the week so my "rule" of posting only 3 goal keepers has been suspended this week. (UPDATE) Listed as a doubt but I believe he will start. Thought you should know..

H. LLORIS: My love affair continues with the Spurs goal keeper this season. He is at his best and that's all you can ask from your man in goal. Home to Norwich is a solid match up and he is my starting goal keeper for week 4.

S. MIGNOLET: If you are holding at a discount he is a no-brainer this week. Swansea have yet to find any sort of consistent attack plus he is also at the top of his game. Even at 15.30 he is a solid option if you have the cash to splash.


N. VIDIC: At 10.59 he is my top choice of all defenders this week.  He has the potential to have a big day here. (UPDATE) Slight possible rotation is possible for upcoming Champions league games (SLIGHT but there!)

K. Gibbs: I know it's not ideal, but I have been able to see him play over the past couple weeks and he just improves every time I see him.  He has been solid and will rack up phantom points here and even a goal is not out of the question. Looking to get him on my team. If funds become an issue Koscielny will be my fall back option here.

B. JONES: On the road at Fulham is less then ideal but this guy has been all over the place. Blocked shots/passes intercepted/fouls won/ and even a shot on target. His price of 8.42 could make him that differential pick you are looking for.

D. LOVREN /J. FONTE: I would not recommend both but either one makes for a solid option this week. Not sure where my final choice will be but Fonte is currently holding a spot on my team.

M. DAWSON: His spot seems secure for now and "should" hold his place this week. Will be watching late week line up information. Not sure you can go wrong with any Spur defender this week but at 8.65 Dawson is an easy way into that backfield.

NASTASIC/LESCOTT: Just like the players listed above I would not recommend both. The City defense still scares me some but Stoke does not. Either one will set you back near 11 million which (could) be a lot to pay for a clean sheet and not much else. Approach with caution.


MESUT OZIL: Not sure I understand all the hype on this guy. He is slow and constantly turns the ball over. Even at his introductory of 6.29 he is a player to avoid! NO ONE should risk having this guy on their team.

S. GERRARD: I know what you are all thinking, but this guy is playing with passion, heart and determination which makes him dangerous on any pitch. Currently on my team.

T. WALCOTT: With that Ozil guy possibly running around mucking things up, it could provide some space and opportunities for Walcott. He is a solid choice this this week and he is on my team.

ROBBIE BRADY: It appears that OB finally got one right and Robbie Brady finds himself well positioned in this weeks player picks. Playing at home against a stubborn Cardiff side may prove a tougher road then expected but his form and his price make him a solid option and he just might find a spot on my team before the week is over.

FELLAINI: (FORGOT HIM) A good game for him to cement a starting roll at United. Still reasonably priced the "Fro" could be a nice option this week, IF he plays smart? Just might give him a run out myself.

LAMELA: Spurs options are starting to get a little complicated but I am going to take a punt on this guy. Home to Norwich should provide some opportunities for a nice return on investment here. (UPDATE)  Should play but not likely not start.

JESUS NAVAS: City's players seem to have gotten through that "get to know ya" stage so I am giving him another chance this week in player picks. His price makes him a low risk and if Negredo gets the run out this week (compliments him better) I see a strong possibility of a solid return.

J. WARD-PROWSE: Is my budget option for the week. Pay attention here. In three games he has 27 fantasy points from 14 (SC) 5 (PI) 2 (BS) 1 (SOT) 1 (ASSIST) 1 (TW) 3 (FC) 1 (YC) and his cost is only 5.4 ! Home against West Ham could add quite easily to those impressive numbers. Need funds elsewhere? This is your guy to fix that problem.


ROBIN VAN PERSIE: I will not argue that he has been out of form to begin the season but with United playing at home in an already must win game I am not sure how you pass on this one. Welbeck could be a cheaper option here but there is no need for both and my worries remain far less going into this week without Welbeck. RVP is currently on my team.

OLIVIER GIROUD: The man just keeps producing and with the addition of that Ozil guy (avoid him) the place to be seems to be ARSENAL. I would use some caution this week on going in to heavy on one team playing on the road and there are plenty of striker options to go around this week but when it looks good it looks good.

BENTEKE: Home to Newcastle I'm just not sure what to expect. The name Benteke just seems to equal points and he loves playing in front of the home fans. Currently on my team.

AGUERO/NEGREDO: Oh boy, here we go again with trying to figure out City's striker situation. I believe both will get the start this week and between the two I would lean towards Negredo if indeed he looks to start. Away at Stoke is a tough place to win but City should walk away from this one with a couple goals and Negredo could make a statement this game that could impact our striker choices for some time to come.

R. LAMBERT: Still reasonably priced he looks a solid option this week. West Ham can be tough on the road but I see Southampton scoring a few in this one and he looks to be the main target.

My (current) team:




Benteke/Giroud/RVP (c)

Bench: Livermore + fillers

Possible changes remain strong..

Sorry to lay it out like this but it is early in the week and we need to get going..right?

How is your team shaping up?