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Barn Door Live Chat Week 4 SUNDAY/Monday Edition.

Considering we only have two games left this week with one being played today and one on Monday we will continue and then finish our chat this week here. So..How has everyony done so far?

Mark Thompson

Yesterday has many managers shaking their heads and going back to the drawing board.

Both Manchester City and Manchester United continue to play uninspired football.  The Mighty Chelsea went a bit flat, and this years Aston Villa became last years Aston Villa.

On the good side, Newcastle continue to prove that week 1 was no indication of what to expect from this team. Spurs appear to be getting closer to that right combination of players that will make everyone take notice and the Arsenal Gunners are sitting on top of the charts.

Today we have West Ham @ Southampton and Monday we have Liverpool @ Swansea.

Many will have their eyes on Liverpool & Swansea but all 4 teams will give us plenty to think about before this weeks games are over.

Not very happy with my week. Currently 102 points with only Gerrard to go. Could work (I hope).

My barn door team (that will certainly change) currently looks like this:




Benteke/Giroud/RVP (1.95/bank) BENCH: Fillers.

I see a possibility of more then half not being there next week, but that depends a lot on the remaining games.