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KM's (Week 5) Player Picks

So many things in life are associated with the number five. The Olympic rings are a group of five. We have five basic food groups. There was the 5th dimension and of course there are five points on every star. My wife has to tell me five times in order to get something done but the greatest five of all time has to be..KM's Week 5 player picks!!

Stu Forster

This week you should have plenty of extra cash on hand. Many of the players making the list this week require very little investment. This will be most evident across the board on this weeks midfield choices.

The match ups I will be focusing on this week are as follows:

Fulham @ Chelsea

Tottenham @ Cardiff City

Hull City @ Newcastle

Swansea @ Crystal Palace

There are several other games that have my attention and a few that have my concern.

I am worried about Stoke @ Arsenal. I feel Arsenal will come away with a victory but I would not recommend going in to heavy on Arsenal so do your best to be selective here (I smell a trap). Also be leery of both Southampton & West Ham United. Neither team are lighting it up scoring goals but both are capable of slowing down their opponents this week so they won't score either. Then we have Manchester United @ Manchester City. Will this be a clash of Titans or will BOTH teams play like they have yet to find this years champions form? I see a 2-2 draw here or even 3-3 but where will those goal come from?

Lets get to this weeks player picks!


Petr Cech: This weeks top goal keeper. Still reasonably priced and facing a Fulham side who's form is shaky at best. I have a hard time not seeing a clean sheet here making for a solid return.

Hugo Lloris: I know but I just can't help it. He has only conceded (1) goal so far this season. His form is excellent, he is reasonably priced and is facing Cardiff City who are proving to be tough at home but should be no match for the backfield of the Spurs. He is my man in goal this week.

Tim Krul: Makes the list for the first time this year as this weeks budget choice. Coming in @7.1 and Home to Hull City could also yield a clean sheet and will certainly offer several save opportunities as well. A good risk for the money invested.


Ivanovic: Gets the nod as this weeks top defender. I know you may be looking at other options in the Chelsea back line and this week you really can't go wrong with any Chelsea defender but this week I am going with Ivanovic and he is in my line up this week.

Ben Davies: Is there a defender currently playing better the Ben Davies? This guy appears to be at the top of his form  and playing at Crystal Palace will offer some great opportunities for him this week. He could very well take the place of Ivanovic in my line up but it has not happened..yet.

L. Baines/Disten: Baines offers some great possibilities this week but also comes with a hefty price tag. He is currently in my line up but for those who do not want to splash the cash Disten offers a good option here.

Vertonghen: A name we saw so often last season finally makes his way into this weeks player picks. Like Baines it is a lot to spend on a defender playing away from home but Cardiff City will not be able to contain him this week and he could have a huge game here. Currently on my team.

Dawson/Chiriches: Watching to see who gets the run out but if you are looking for a cheaper way into Spurs back line either one would make a great option this week.

M. DeBuchy: Gets the nod as this weeks budget defender. Coming in at 7.17  he is a hard one to ignore this week. Home to Hull City there is a lot to like about this choice.


Robbie Brady: Gets the nod as this weeks top choice! SORRY just could not help myself. With SO MANY of my own choices falling short last week I just wanted to spread it around some! Sorry OB.

Michu: Alright. I have ignored him long enough. He is still priced right, he has a very favorable match up and he is in my line up this week. My fingers are crossed!

Hatem Ben Arfa: Playing as well as anyone at the moment. If you missed him on the barn door you should still look to get him in your team this week. Home to Hull City should offer some opportunities for a good return. Currently on my team.

Ozil: He is in everyones team so there is nothing to add.

Eriksen/Lamela/Siggy: Spurs midfield looks pretty tasty this week and the players listed are in order of selection. Any of the three listed should be a fine option this week and I currently have Eriksen on my team and I am not looking to have more then one.

Oscar: Chelsea remains a hard one to figure as far as player choices go. Priced under 10 and playing at home if you are looking to risk it I believe he will be the best midfield option for them this week.

Nathan Redmond: If Villa remains true to form, somebody should score for Norwich. I am picking Redmond. Priced under 9 he offers a solid budget option this week.

Mile Jedinak: The guy seems to get his share of phantom points each week and Crystal Palace playing at Newcastle may offer a bit more. For those looking for that "option" choice this week to separate them from the norm.

YaYa Toure: Bet you did not expect to see him this week. Every now and then that feeling hits you on a given week. This week that feeling is YaYa Toure. My midfield looks good for this week but I still may find a way to fit him in. (maybe)


Soldado: I have not had him for a couple weeks so I am not mad at him. His price is fantastic, he has a good match up and he will get his chances and WILL SCORE a goal from open play. May actually take the place of Giroud this week on my team.

Altidore: I love this pick. I only wish I had a spot for him. Priced at 7.36 this will be a hard one to pass on this week..that is if I pass at all!

Lukaku: NOT AGIAN! Playing at West Ham may offer a tough game but it's hard to argue that (if he starts) for Everton he could have a huge day. This could be another interesting choice for those looking for a wild card!

Etoo: If he looks to start (who knows) he COULD be in my line up. I would love a Chelsea striker this week just picking the right one is like a chess game.

Benteke: Can't have a striker list without him. Is there any reason to believe he won't score? Currently on my team but may go for 1/3 first players listed above.

Giroud: Hard to avoid his recent form. With the addition of Ozil and the good form of Walcott he does seem to be the major benefactor and primary target. Currently on my team.

My current team looks like this:





Bench: fillers   (.84) bank.


I wish I could wait until more information is out on team line ups but I understand we need to get more post up sooner so here we are!

Also: Both Walcott & Ramsey are good choices this week. As I mentioned in the main body of the post I am worried about going heavy on Arsenal so I picked the two I would go with this week. I know I would hear about it if I did not say something...