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The Blog Cup is Back !

We apologize for the delay of the Blog Cup for this year as we were still waiting whether Yahoo will add the Weekly performance option this year or no and Finally they did it ! so the Blog Cup starts from this week ( Week 5)

Chris McGrath

Finally we can get started and start the Blog cup for this year.

This year we have in the Blog cup around 1200 teams and the Blog cup will be played in 8 Rounds,

The 8 Rounds will be as followed

Week 5 ( 1st Round)

Week 10 ( 2nd Round)

Week 15 ( 3rd Round)

Week 20 ( 4th Round)

Week 25 ( 5th Round)

Week 30 ( 6th Round)

Week 35 ( 7th Round)

Week 38 ( Final Round)

For all new members who do not the rules of the blog cup,It will be based on the weekly performance of your point in that week and if you made the CUT then you will progress to the following Round of the Blog cup and so on.

The CUT will be made depending on the calculation of the average points of all contestants and we will update the results after the week finishes.

Once your out of the Cup at any round then there is no way back :)

Round 1 will start this week and from 1200 players only 1000 will qualify to Round 2 and here is the calculation for all season.

Round 1 ( 1000 players)

Round 2 ( 800 players)

Round 3 ( 600 players )

Round 4 ( 400 players)

Round 5 ( 300 players)

Round 6 ( 200 players )

Round 7 ( 100 players)

Final Round ( 50 players)

The winner of the Blog Cup will receive a 50 $ Voucher,so lets get started and PLEASE do not change your team names as it will be so difficult in the calculations of the points.

So good luck to everyone for this week.