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Barn Door Live Chat Week 5

The door has close on yet another week. Personally, I did not see a clear choice for Captain this week so picking the right one will certainly be the envy of your league. My team ended up like this..

Michael Regan



Baines  / Enrique / Vertonghen

Eriksen / Ozil / Ramsey / HBA

Lukaku/ RVP /Sturridge (c)

Bench: fillers

The fixtures I will be considering for week 6 are as follows:

West Brom @ Manchester United

Manchester City @ Aston Villa

Arsenal @ Swansea

Newcastle @ Everton

Liverpool @ Sunderland ( Let us remember Suarez is back!)

Just got up..I am exausted & now sick :(

Sorry for no Pre-deadline chat.  The Yahoo game still has a few bugs in it and I guess we here at NMA still have a few also!

I am sorry!

Lets Chat!