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Barn Door Live Chat Week 5 (Sunday Edition)

Yesterday proved to be very interesting. Sturridge disappointed causing many to consider other options for next week. Benteke went off and could be out for awhile so I'm sure we will see many new faces at the striker position starting today!

Scott Heavey

49 points yesterday with RVP/Eriksen/Ozil/Ramsey/Vertoghen/Lloris left to play.

Yesterday we had:

Liverpool losing for the first time.

Sunderland looking like a relegated team

R(OB)bie Brady is not just on OB's team anymore

Everton's Baines/Lukaku are the new force in town

Chelsea still look out of sort (IMO) but Oscar is a midfielder to consider regardless of fixture.

My current (barn door) team looks like this:





Bench: Brady/Fillers (.61/bank)

How did you do yesterday?

Lets CHAT!