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KM's (Week 6) Player Picks!

Normally you would be seeing Kellz take a crack at Player Picks this week but someone did something OR went somewhere he did not belong and is now too sick to write, SO I am getting a run off the bench this week to once again bring you the most anticipated event in all sports............... KM's ( Week 6) Player Picks!!!

Julian Finney

Hopefully we will not see a repeat of last week where many of us saw our beloved Captain totally tank, OR WORSE not even start at all, causing many of us to desperately search for some loop hole somewhere in the Yahoo game to help us out of our hopeless downward spiral, only to find our decision was final!

My sympathy's to all who did not make it through the first round of this years Blog Cup. (Trust me, I have been there.)

There are plenty of great match ups this week with nearly every game offering "possible" good fantasy returns. I will personally be focusing on the following games:

West Brom @ Manchester United

Liverpool @ Sunderland

Manchester City @ Aston Villa

Arsenal @ Swansea

I know many are ready to forget last week so lets get started:


SIMON MIGNOLET: I have a feeling we will see him as the top recommended goal keeper many times this season and this week is no exception.  Facing a totally out-of-sort Sunderland side the only concern here is he may fall asleep during the game. Even at retail he is worth a start this week.

ARTUR BORUC: The mid priced Goal Keeper this week was a very tough decision. There were 2-3 candidates who I actually felt  had a better chance at a clean sheet (sounds funny right) ?  Boruc also has a good chance at one this week, but of the group I felt he had the best chance at giving a good return without one and the best return with one! (make sense?)

ALLAN McGREGOR: I also struggled with this choice. Hull City have a few defenders either out or doubtful giving me concern on his recommendation but HOME to West Ham offers a "possible" clean sheet and at the very least  several  save attempts. He is playing very well, and comes in @5.62 making him a great budget option this week.


LEIGHTON BAINES: Saved nearly everyone's week last week and has outscored every player this season except one and his price tag reflects it. Almost like having a fourth striker. Currently on my team. Don't have him...good luck.

JOSE ENRIQUE: A bit of surprised to see him on the bench last week and felt Liverpool paid a heavy price for the decision. Fairly confident we will not see that move repeated this week. In great form against a team that is not. What is not to like. Currently on my team.

RYAN SHAWCROSS: Making his debut in this years player picks, Shawcross offers an interesting choice this week. Currently playing out-of-position (midfield) at Stoke he offers the possibility of a clean sheet while playing at home against a goal starved Norwich side and may just give some attacking points to go along with it. A bit pricey @10.53 but could be that differential pick you are looking for.

NEMANJA VIDIC: Of the United defenders he is my top choice this week. United have something to prove and home to West Brom better be the time they do it. Offers solid attacking possibilities along with clean sheet points. Working hard to fit him in my team this week.

ALEKSANDAR KOLAROV: I am never comfortable recommending City defenders and under most circumstances you would be seeing Vincent Kompany on the list this week but (if) Kolarov looks to start I believe he offers the strongest possibility of attacking points this week, even more so then Zabaleta and for me would be my main City option this week.

MATHIEU DeBUCHY: I still don't understand how is price remains under 8 but this guy continues to produce great returns. Away at Everton looks a bit grim and If his price were higher I am sure he would not be considered but @7.89 if you need the funds elsewhere I see him as a risk worth taking until he proves otherwise.

MAMADOU SAKHO: Not giving us great returns (yet) but he is a fantastic budget option this week coming in @6.60. Kolo Toure @5.56 may offer the best "possible" budget (tandem) option so far this season. Giving me cause to consider a 4-3-3 for the first time this year if BOTH look to start. Sakho currently on my team.


STEVEN GERRARD: It's going to be hard this week to keep from going ALL IN on Liverpool players and recommend using caution if you plan on doing so. Liverpool is on the road and it is still the Premier League. That said, Sunderland could go either way here and if they go the wrong way there could be penalties and red cards all of which could be great for Mr. Gerrard. Currently on my team.

MESUT OZIL: Unless something obvious happens this will be the last time he is (mentioned) in player picks. Everyone has him and we need to expand on all options. Don't have him..get him (simple)

AARON RAMSEY: Arsenal is hot, he is hot and he is playing a Swansea team that so far this season seem to score as many as they let in. No reason I can think of that he would not continue to produce here. Currently on my team.

R(OB)BIE BRADY: He is playing at home against a tough defensive West Ham but everything Hull City does will involve him and Hull have been playing well at home. He (was) holding a spot on my bench @7.32 but regretfully I had to move him out to make room for this weeks "preferred" team (I will regret it).  If you can don't make the same mistake. He is a solid choice.

YAYA TOURE: A good solid option if you got him before his price went up. At his current price of 12.53 I would look elsewhere.City are hitting their stride and he should get some good opportunities at Villa. Holding him at 10.40 and he is currently on my team.

CARRICK/FELLAINI/VALENCIA: I just can't find it in myself to go with a United midfielder this week as there is nobody that really screams..PICK ME!  I have listed in order on how I would consider them this week. I have decided to wait it out on their midfield choices so far this season.

MATTHEW JARVIS: I really like this pick and could move out YaYa to make room for him. Playing at Hull City has its draw backs but he will have plenty of room and could have a big week here.

PETE WHITTINGHAM: Fulham has been and I (guess) still is a tough place to play but with a Fulham side that has only scored 3 goals this season and given up 7 there is certainly a great opportunity for the young man to shine in this game. Coming in @7.9 this is a hard option to avoid.

ROSS BARKLEY: From what I can tell there is a possibility of him starting for Everton. A staggering 3.09 makes him at least a strong bench option this week.


SUAREZ/STURRIDGE: Get either one or get both (think it will be the only week I say that) but a striker from Liverpool is a MUST HAVE this week. I am going with Suarez so those who are familiar with my luck can take what they can from that!

WAYNE ROONEY: Playing very well. Facing a stubborn West Brom side that does not give up a lot of goals but United may be without RVP and this is a must have, rebound game for United. He is currently on my team. (That's RVP for me this week!)

ROMELU LULAKU: Start him, don't start him I don't care. His roll at Everton is just going to get bigger & bigger and @10.28 he is going nowhere. A good option even at retail. currently on my team.

OLIVIER GIROUD: Even at retail his price is not that bad. There are many great options at striker this week but I still could not ignore him. Will not blame you if you are sticking with him.

DANNY WELBECK: I really try (not) to deal in if/maybe players but (IF) RVP remains out, Welbeck could even take the place of Rooney on my team if I need funds elsewhere. Use caution but keep an eye out here!

DARREN BENT: I actually felt pain when I typed that name! Fulham are at home to Cardiff City and there is no denying Bent can be a force to deal with. Only because he is priced @6.46 but this my friends is one to consider!

SERGIO AGUERO: I actually had him on my team until just moments ago. I just feel there (will be) a lot of uncertainty when it comes to City strikers so holding is just not in the cards for me regardless of form. If you have him he is a quality player and holding may work for you but It's just not for me ..right now.

My current team:






I can see as many as 3 of my current players changing and will update (HERE) when I make changes.

How is you team doing?

Footnote: Not sure why my font got all messed up but I can't seem to change it. Stupid computers!