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Barn Door Live Chat Week 6 (Sunday Edition)

Wow, I'm sure nobody could have foreseen the outcome of yesterdays Manchester United and Manchester City games! I know my line up changed several times throughout the about yours?

Scott Heavey

Aaron Ramsey appears to be unstoppable and for those of us who kept the faith we we generously rewarded.

Wayne Rooney continued his scoring ways but unfortunately for United nobody else chipped in.

Everyone is now saying Yes Yes to Ya Ya

Many will be looking to put Sigurdsson into their lineups..but where?

R(OB)bie Brady continues to impress. Only wish someone knew about him early on and we could have ALL gotten him at his introductory price. :)

Osvaldo is on the rise, Ben Davies continues to be a beast and Goal Keeping just keeps getting better.

Personally, what got my attention was the overall play of Chelsea in the second half of yesterdays 1-1 tie with Tottenham.

Until then, I was not much on their attacking possibilities so far this year, but they had a excellent Spurs back line not knowing where the next ball was coming from and I love the Spurs back line! I was impressed!

Still confused on who I would select from Chelsea, but they now have my full attention!

Finished the day with 82 points with Sakho/Baines/Gerrard/Suarez(c) left for the week.

My current barn door team is:




Rooney/Soldado/Suarez  (with about 5 mil to play with) give or take

Today we have Norwich @ Stoke and Liverpool @ Sunderland

How did you do yesterday!!!

Lets Chat!