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It's a Numbers Game?

Well, we have a little bit of a break here and we all know what that means!!! It means sit down, relax and have a drink as we go deep into the fantasy mind of KM!!! Better make that a FEW DRINKS!

Mike Ehrmann

We have seen many changes this season, but through it all there appears to be one thing that hasn't changed.

Apparently, I still don't know what the heck is going on!

My choices over the first few weeks have given me a total of 346 points and I should be happy with that considering only 44 of those came from my Captain but I am not.

Here is what my team breakdown (average points per position) looks like for the first 3 weeks (4-games).

Goal: 10.75 points per game

Defender: 8.41 points per game

Midfield: 6.0 points per game

Striker: 8.83 points per game

At first glance it would appear that my midfield choices are lacking BUT when you consider that each week my Captain was a striker and if you remove the 44 (bonus) points applied to the position it drops the average points per game down to 5.16!! Can this all be fixed by picking a better choice for Captain? Well maybe not...yet!

So far this season the scoring breakdown looks like this:

Top 10 Strikers = 324 Total Points:. Top 20 Strikers = 506 Total Points

Top 10 Midfield = 318 Total Points: Top 20 Midfield = 555 Total Points

Top 10 Defenders = 343 Total Points: Top 20 Defenders = 598 Total Points

Top 10 Goal = 315 Total Points: Top 20 = 437 (Better have a top 10 goal keeper!)

It is obvious that for the top 10 players at each position (including goal) there is amazing parody.......... Parity :) throughout the league. It's only when you go "deep" into each position that the separation begins to take place.

So, until the numbers begin to change the "temporary" solution could be a change in formation from my "standard" 3-4-3 to a possible 4-3-3 or even a 4-4-2?