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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Back on August 2nd I wrote an article titled "Newbies" discussing many of the new faces to the Premier League. Contained within the article was a poll listing possible season keeper candidates. Here we are just over one month later and I was wondering just how much has changed in such a short time.

Alex Livesey

I totally understand the desire of the coveted season keeper but truth be told I have never warmed up to the title itself.

Maybe it's because the title is attached so quickly to so many players.

Here are the results to the question (Season Keeper Candidates?) just over one month ago.

Soldado: 32% (133 votes)

Jesus Navas: 23% (97 votes)

W. Bony: 21% (86 votes)

Paulino: 6% (27 votes)

I. Aspas: 5% (19 votes)

S. Jovetic: 4% (18 votes)

A. Negredo: 4% (17 votes)

K. DeBruyne: 3% (11 votes)

E. Giaccherini: 1% (4 votes)

Other: 1% (6-votes)

I wonder of the 418 total responses, just how many are remaining with their choice just 3 weeks into the season?

Lets find out!