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EGYPT Week 22 Player Picks

I have been climbing the overall ranking slowly these days and I am up to 14th Overall, I hope this week I can squeeze into the top 10, Lets take a look about the fixtures and the best player picks for this week.

David Silva should be in your team this week
David Silva should be in your team this week
Richard Heathcote

Your team should be filled with Man City,Liverpool and Arsenal players and if you hold a player with a discount then he can stay in your team, So here are my picks for this week.


Suarez: Nothing new to add here, He is your captain anyway!

Negredo : The Beast is on a very hot streak and should be in your lineup for this week.

Aguero/Sturridge/Dzeko: Not a definite starters by all means but if you want to take a risk in putting one of them then its your choice really.

Giroud : Anybody playing Fulham these days should be recommended, The Fulham defense is just a mess and Giroud will get a lot of chances and might score a couple.

Lukaku : I hate recommending him again ! Its obvious that after everybody sold him last week, He will punish us and score a couple of goals against West Brom.

Andy Carroll: Big Andy is back and playing his old club, He might still not be ready to start a game but he is worth a shout this week.


Silva/Navas/Toure : Take your pick from the 3 City Midfielders, If you would choose 2 of them then i would recommend Navas and Silva.

Gerrard/Coutinho : One of the Liverpool Midfielders should be in your team this week, If you want to choose one then Coutinho should be your man.

Ozil/Cazorla : One of them will score this week for sure! I got both in my line up and i am expecting a big score from one of them.

Jason Puncheon: The good thing that he is still on Penalty Kick duties and playing against a struggling Stoke side, He loves the early shot as well and will be eager to bounce back from the disaster penalty miss against Spurts last week.

Yohan Cabaye : Good match up and taking all set pieces, Price is bit high but still worth every penny.


Kolarov/Zabaleta/Kompany : Take your pick but one of them should be in your team.

Cissoko : The price is perfect to have the Liverpool left back in your team.

Baines: If you have him @ 16 then you should leave him in your team.

Gibbs: The Arsenal left back is back from injury and should bombard forward for their home game against Fulham.

David Luiz : Playing as a Midfielder and taking all free kicks, I loved his shooting session last week against Hull and he will keep his place in my team.

Goal Keepers:

Joe Hart: Price is bit high but hopefully you grabbed him before his price change.

Szczesny : Good home game against Fulham and a big possibility for a clean sheet this week.

Mignolet : I am not terribly convinced about the Liverpool defense but you never know, It might be the week that he get the clean sheet.

Speroni : The Palace keeper is well priced and if you don't want to pay for an expensive GK then he should be the one.

I am currently on Hart/Kompany/Baines/Luiz/Navas/Silva/Cazorla/Ozil/Giroud/Negredo/Suarez (c).

Most probably that this will be the team and i am really happy with it.

How is your team shaping up for this week?