Perfecting The Bench

Matt King

Like the bank shot on a pool table it appears that most of us are counting on our bench players to help us sleep better at night or save our weeks all together. With only a few exceptions, most of the top players currently utilize a minimum of two viable bench options with most using three. Only exception in the top 10 this week was the #2 player, Boot Box Athletic who continued using all available funds to field a strong team and loaded the bench with fillers.

Thanks to Bill's Top 50 Player Picks, we can see who the most commonly held players are. This does not include starters like Suarez. The focus are players we commonly move from starter to bench along with injured players like Ozil or Ramsey that we may also hold for extended periods of "non-playing" weeks.

We have Ozil with 41/50 either holding or starting

We have Oviedo with 25/50 holding or starting

We have Barkley with 20/50 holding or starting.

I have "paced" myself the past few weeks regarding discounted or held players and I am happy to say I still hold all three at nice discounts and hopefully this will help me going forward as prices continue to rise.

Are there more? Do you share any or all of the above players?

Who are your held players. your "season keepers"?

Your bench warmers?

Feel free to share your choices in the comments section: