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Live Chat: The Magic of the FA Cup

In lieu of Premier League games this weekend, we're again left with the FA Cup to fill our football fix, at least until midweek when our fantasy teams become relevant again.

Can the underdogs take the Cup away from the big guns again?
Can the underdogs take the Cup away from the big guns again?
Alex Livesey

While we're waiting for the BPL to return, we can at least keep an eye on the matches for starting lineups, injuries, suspensions and other team news that might alter our thinking for our Week 23 fantasy teams.

Of course, the odd upset is always a possibility as weakened teams are rolled out by the League managers with another fixture on tap in the next couple days.

Arsenal got the action underway yesterday with an easy 4-0 victory over Coventry. The other Premier League teams in action who we'll need to keep an eye on are as follows:

Liverpool v. Bournemouth

Manchester City v. Watford

Swansea City @ Birmingham

Southampton v. Yeovil Town

Hull City @ Southend United

Sunderland v. Kidderminster

Cardiff City @ Bolton

Crystal Palace @ Wigan

Everton @ Stevenage

Fulham @ Sheffield United

Chelsea v. Stoke City

Are there any underdogs you're rooting for? Are you happy with the lineup selection your team's manager has made? Let's chat!