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Week 23: Alternative picks

Chasing a private league leader or in a head to head battle in your blog league? Felling like a gamble? Then lets go a little different.

Deuce answers concerns Stall Express selected him in his alternative picks
Deuce answers concerns Stall Express selected him in his alternative picks
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In a week where there are so many options you may not want an alternative player in your starting eleven. But if you are like K.M and Yewtree (masters of picking alternative) you like to have fun with the game and find those picks the others don't. With that in mind I give some options for week 23.

In goal

Cech or Tremmel right? I mean, Cech has the safest win and clean sheet, while Tremmel is 1m. Ok, then I say De Gea is alternative this week. In a Manchester United defence more unsure than in years and after a mistake that will stick in his mind for a while yet, De Gea will not be fancied by many. However, the mood will be a little more upbeat as there will be a new signing playing and Rooney/RVP may return. So home win and maybe just a clean sheet with a string of DDG saves to return his status.

At the back


Phil Jones is the obvious defensive cover in your fantasy sides this week with the strong chance he plays in midfield due to Michael Carrick's injury. With injury and suspension once again preventing David Moyes from fielding either Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic leaving us alternative picks Smalling and Evans as the starting backs. The turnaround at United means you pick a defender from their side hoping rather than expecting a clean sheet. Cardiff scored twice at Manchester City so be warned. Both Smalling and Evans though are defenders who get themselves in goal scoring positions. Evans opened his account for the season in the League cup semi and Smalling has been sniffing around the six yard box every game he has played.


Started at right back in the cup before giving away a penalty and then being subbed. Perhaps Flanagan takes the spot, perhaps Toure and you don't fancy a clean sheet v Everton do you. However at 2.63m he can fill a hole, especially one on the bench.


Hull's chance at a clean sheet at Palace gives us a couple of options. We can go budget friendly with Bruce 5.94m but his last four scores are 2, negative 2, 6 and 1pt. That's not a run you even want to pay small millions for. So, over to Davies 13.42m with his 8, 9, 7, 10, 4, 7 and 13 in his last 7 games. Again, only hitting his cost once but we do see a consistent scorer and the guy is due a goal.


1m and will be on every bench. An decent fantasy scorer when playing for his owners and with Villa having their first choice centre back pairing back he could tempt you with a starting spot.

Middle for diddle


Swansea are getting down to the squads bones. Routledge then is a safe bet to start. Problem is there are so many options in midfield nobody will pick him will they! I guess that makes him alternative. One more for bench cover at 5.85m


Kept in the first team and back to supplying crosses, Brunt is back on our radar with 10pts against Everton. He lasted the full 90 min in that game as well so we should be safe to assume he starts at Villa park. If Anelka is out due to non football issues we can also assume Brunt takes penalty duties. A quick look at ProfessorM latest piece shows us the recent value in picking players who play Aston Villa. As alternative picks go, Brunt is my best midfield bet this round.


Under Mark Hughes there are signs of the Fantasy football Charlie Adam of old. Were this Blackpool traveling to Sunderland he would be on many a radar. Adam is one of those big fish in a small pond guys. Excellent with time and space with Blackpool while, starved of that in Liverpool's midfield he weakness was exposed. Scores of 14, 9, 1, 8, 17 and 4 in his last 6 games do not excite but maintain some interest. Sunderland are improving and showing plenty of spirit. Problem is they tend to show spirit after giving up a goal or two and Adam is back to shootin go on site.

Up the top


Ok, for the umteenth time, next season Yahoo make him a midfield player! At 16.58 you can't quite pull the trigger can you. 21pts last time out, could he be on a run?


Is he alternative? Well with most going with a mix of Hazard, Eto'o, Suarez, Kun or Rooney/RVP if fit I think he may be. Bony is growing as the season grows. More and more he is becoming the handful he was advertised as. Fulham playing away from home is enough to tempt anybody.


"Deuce" is under 5m in the January sales. Rested for the cup, if you are stuck for money or just have a fantasy soft spot for him he is a bargain.


As with our boys above he has a nice fixture and a beautiful price. Almost marking his debut with a goal and sure to get a chance or two against Palace.


Now, this is not just just because he has stung me 5 times this season. (or is it more, I will have to check). This is because Liverpool give up goal and chances galore and this because Lukaku is a big game player. No I doubt I will be brave enough as there are better options.


Oh go on, let me have this one. A nightmare season is only just over half way and Man Utd need a pick me up. How about Chelsea's player of the year the last two seasons. He like Snoddy is not a forward but in YFF format is a 20pt plus player and he has yet to score this season. Who fancies a Match of the Day Mata debut segment with Gary Lineker stating "it couldn't have gone any better could it" or is it just the romantic in me?

As for me, a decent week has me on the global leader board. Sat in 50th place I can see the leader in the distant horizon. I have only just started playing with my side and it looks like this at the moment but will change plenty.

Cech, Ivanovic, Kelly, Jones, Cabaye, Silva, Cazorla, Eriksen, AJ, Eto'o, Suarez,