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Week 8 Pre Deadline Chat

A rare Saturday afternoon with six 3pm kick-offs waits for us. Here is hoping for a bunch of goals.

Great fixture, in good health, why don't you lot like me anymore?
Great fixture, in good health, why don't you lot like me anymore?
Jan Kruger

Welcome back everyone.  One more pain in the backside international break passed and back to the good stuff we go.

Manchester City start us off with the 12.45 kickoff knowing a win over Tottenham cuts Chelsea's lead to 2 pts.  After last seasons 6 goal walloping in the fixture Spurs will need to set themselves up a little more tactically this time.  Manchester City have won six of their last seven league meetings with Tottenham.  Edin Dzeko has scored six goals in six Premier League games against Tottenham, while Sergio Aguero has netted five goals in five league appearances against Spurs.

We have the usual Jose attempted bluff over Diego Costas hamstrings.  I suspect he will finally get a rest midweek so he is fresh as a daisy for next week's trip to Old Trafford.  A tricky trip to Palace awaits and I don't see it as straightforward as many although I get the feeling in current form Chelsea will find a way to win.

Arsenal have half a team out and face a much stronger Hull than almost beat them in the cup final.  Still you can see the gunners outscoring the tigers in what is sure to be an open game.  Danny Welbeck seems the most popular pick but Santi Cazorla will finally find himself back in his best position playing behind the forward.  He may also find himself on free kicks.  I also really like the Ox in this one.  He will win you corners galore and shoots on site.

Burnley are still looking for their first win and a rainy windy day may help them,  West Ham though are a much improved side under big Sam so far and after burning me in week 7 (not for the 1st time) Stewart Downing may be back at the tip of the diamond and back in the points.

Everton host Aston Villa and I'm amazed at the "troll effect" Lukaku has.  Here he has a great fixture on paper, facing a Vlaar less Villa.  Normally he would be a top pick but I know only one player so far thinking of him (James Bond music).

Alan Pardew needs a win doesn't he.  So defensive soft touches at least gives him a chance.  Cisse is showing the flicker of form we knew in 2012.  Not many believe this will continue but he will have the chances this afternoon.

The Saints continue to go marching With Manager of the month and manys week 8 pick Pelle winning player of the month.  I like a saints win but Sunderland are no soft home game.  JUst the 1 win for Sunderland this season but just the 1 loss as well.  They will put up a fight and once again if the weather stays wet and windy by 3pm it may even the game a little.

I a rare moment I have Costa and Di Maria in my current side.  Costa will likely go (as I have him almost at full price) and I'm even thinking of going against ADM.  I will drop him for the Chelsea/City games that follow but have yet to decide if I want him for Monday night as I am also paying more than the rest of you for him

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