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The Barn Door Live: Week 8 Saturday Live Chat

After a two week hiatus, the Premier League is back! We'll be here to cover all the action today, so join us as we chat all things fantasy football!

Ian Walton

Things will get started with what should be an entertaining match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. The defending champions have had an easy time of it against Spurs in recent matches, but as we all know the league is entirely unpredictable and the result could go either way. Sergio Aguero is a popular pick for fantasy managers this week and has looked back on top of his game since his return from injury a couple weeks ago.

Many of the other big names have question marks surrounding them, including the league's leading scorer Diego Costa. Time will tell whether the reports of his injury are true or whether it'll be yet another case of mind games from Jose Mourinho. I doubt there are too many managers by now who will take the press conference news without a massive pinch of salt at this point, but those of us who kept the Chelsea man will be hoping he repays the faith we've placed in him.

There are plenty of other great matches on tap for the weekend. Which match do you think will be the best one this week? Does your fantasy team reflect that? In my case, I'm hoping beyond hope that West Ham are able to keep a clean sheet against Burnley as I've loaded up on their defense this week. In case you missed my risky week 8 team, here it is:

Adrian, Reid, Tomkins, Cresswell, Di Maria, Lallana, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tadic, Welbeck, Costa, Cisse

It's a huge gamble, but one I felt like I needed to take given my poor start to the season. Hopefully you are doing better than I am so far. In any case, good luck this week! Let's chat!