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Week 13 Pre Deadline Chat

Hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great time, now lets celebrate the return of the Premier League with 150pts. Guide us to the teams that will do just that.

Have Liverpool found the man to lead their line?
Have Liverpool found the man to lead their line?
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Apologies all the Pred Deadline chat is a little late due to internet problems hopefully now resolved.

Looking ahead a few quick stats to start the conversations

  • Tottenham and not lost to Everton in their last 6 league games at White Hart Lane
  • Hull haven't won at Old Trafford since 1952.
  • Leicester have lost to nil in 5 of their last 6  away games in the league
  • West Ham have scored in 10 or their last 11 league games.
  • There have been 20 goals at West Brown in 6 league games.
  • Aston Villa are unbeaten in 2 league games.
  • Liverpool have scored more than one goal just once in their last 7 league games.
  • Manchester City average over 2 goals a game away from home this season.

Many of you will hold a mix of Cresswell, Di Maria, Tadic, Siggy, Sanchez, Costa and Kun in your sides regardless of fixtures so will only be selecting 4 or 5 players per week plus maybe looking at your bench options.

If you are near the top of your blog league I understand why you would stick with them.  For me I'm in the chasing pack and at some point need to take a gamble or two to make a move.  I cannot afford Kun and and my gut is saying sell Costa at 9m as he will get booked today so I will have to sell him midweek.  Any ideas readers?

Lets chat