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Week 13 Saturday Live Chat

It's time again for another round of Premier League fixtures, kicking off with Arsenal facing off against West Bromwich Albion. Join us as we chat all things fantasy throughout the day!

Don't worry. I've got this!
Don't worry. I've got this!
Ian Walton/Getty Images

Sometimes the people in charge of scheduling can be pretty cruel. Coming off of a Wednesday evening Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal now have the early match on Saturday to contend with as they face off against West Brom at the Hawthorns.

This type of quick turnaround is the type of thing you'd typically expect Jose Mourinho to speak out against if it applied to his Chelsea side, and perhaps he has a point. This time of year, when the fixtures roll in thick and fast, makes it an even bigger issue for Arsene Wenger's injury-prone side to deal with.

On paper, you'd expect the Gunners to run away with the result against the Baggies, but with fatigue a distinct possibility and an injury-thinned squad available to rotate from, will they give it their all against Alan Irvine's side today? Time will tell.

We'll be around to cover the matches after the opener as well, as we'll see all but four of the Premier League's teams in action. I'm hoping I'll have a good day for my fantasy team, as I've looked back through the 12 weeks so far to find I've only broken the 100 point mark four times. Here's what I settled on:

Courtois, Trippier, Caulker, McNair, Cresswell, Di Maria, Sigurdsson, Tadic, Austin, Costa, Sanchez

How did your teams shape up? Who do you think will be victorious today? Good luck as ever, and let's chat!