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Week 19 (Pre-Deadline) Chat

Our festive fixture pile up continues as we see the 2nd match in two days following the results on Boxing Day. Luckily, poor decisions in Week 18 can be easily banished with the rapid schedule. Thanks to Sanitizer007 for the injury and player pick updates. Who are you looking at to change or add for Week 19?

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

While Week 18 had a partial concern of player rotation, Week 19 will undoubtably will. Playing two games in such quick sequence often forces managers to bring in some of the fringe players, the trick is picking the correct ones. Let's take a look at the fixtures for Week 19:

West Ham v Arsenal

Burnley v Manchester CIty

Suuthampton v Chelsea

QPR v Crydtal Palace

Newcastle v Everton

Hull City v Leicester City

Liverpool v Swansea City

Tottenham v Manchester United

Stoke City v West Brom

Aston Villa v Sunderland

Obviously Manchester City have the pick of the fixtures. However, fighting through the threat of rotation, you have to be careful to pick amongst the right players. Frank Lampard seems likey to be used in the course of the festive period. Arsenal should have enough fire power without the suspended Giroud to fire past West Ham, who will probably face a hard time against the bigger teams like Southampton. Liverpool have a very challenging match with Swansea City, especially after seeing how laborous the Burnley win was. Sterling probably can't be risked to be given a rest. Tottenham against Man United should be a cracking match. I couldn't give you a definite prediction, but both sides have a chance here. Southampton will get another chance to prove they can get some points against the big teams as Chelsea comes to visit. Already having endured one rough fixture patch, Southampton head into another, but I think they can pull a point some where in there.

How are you teams shaping up?