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Week 19 Live Chat

We start off with a game that screams goals and finish with a game that looks just as much fun.

Thanks to Yahoo (I should know better) this man holds my hopes today
Thanks to Yahoo (I should know better) this man holds my hopes today
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Boxing Day did not see the the multiple rested first team players many had expected.  As it turned out the correct play was to treat it as a regular week.

Wayne Rooney somehow only scored 26 pts with 2 goals, an assist and the match winning goal against Newcastle, strange how often that happens.  Diego Costa, Alexis Sanchez, Raheem Sterling, harry Kane, David Silva, Yaya Toure and Christian Eriksen all scored as many of you predicted.

So we move onto our second round of Premier League game of the holiday period and start with a traditional attack minded fixture, Tottenham v Manchester United.  United continue without key attacking weapon for away games Angel Di Maria but both sides come into this one full of confidence.

Today we have

Southampton v Chelsea.

Stoke v West Bromwich Albion.

West Ham United v Arsenal.

Hull v Leicester City.

Aston Villa v Sunderland.

Queens Park Ranger v Crystal Palace.

Manchester City v Burnley.

Newcastle V Everton

With Liverpool v Swansea to follow tomorrow evening.

This season has been a nightmare for me and continued today as despite believing I had saved my side multi time this morning Yahoo have given me my post Boxing day side.



Cresswell, Okare, Kolarov

Sterling, Nasri, Delph, Mahrez

Perez, Falcao and Sakho

I have 11m in the bloody bank and I'm moody!!!!

My intended side had

Delph - Hazard

Sakho - Benteke

Perez - Austin

I'm overdue a lucky break but how crappy does that side look!

Right mood over (for now) lets chat