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FA Cup Memories

With the 3rd round just drawn we have a couple ties that have the romance of the cup written over them.

Super Gary Johnson and "Skivo" Yeovil legends
Super Gary Johnson and "Skivo" Yeovil legends
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

I'm old enough to remember when winning the FA cup really meant something.  Before Mr Wenger targeted top four as the bigger achievement the cup was something special.

The cup final day was just that, a whole day where nothing else seemed to be happening bar the final itself.  Chance of moving the game to a 5pm kickoff, zero!  Chances of Premier League games or as it was league division 1 being played over the weekend, zero!

Like many thing as I grow older, things are not what they once were.  Today though a couple of the 3rd round ties captured the imagination.

AFC Wimbledon v Liverpool

Memories of the 1988 final when the "Crazy gang" of Wimbledons misfits shocked the world beating the all conquering Liverpool side.  Pool were coming to the end of their domination of european/british football but still were the league newly crowned champions.

The final featured the first ever penalty save by Dave Beasant and the match was won 1-0 via  Lawrie Sanchez header.  Perhaps it still stands as the biggest FA Cup final upset of all time.

Accrington Stanley or Yeovil Town v Manchester United

Who of you are old enough to know the "Accrington Stanley, who are they" milk advert?  take a look at some 80's style tv.

Yeovil meanwhile are my local club.   The green and white's went on somewhat of a magical journey going all the way from non league football to moving from their famous sloping pitch to League 1 playoff final winners in 2012-13.

They did this on a ridiculously small budget.  The smallest in league 1 they were one of the favourites for relegation during their playoff season.  The big guns of the Championship were just too big a gap last season and the club have struggled as bad this.

There is some debate from the season ticket holders as to why there has been little investment when you read the following article.

How much!!

Truth is the wages even at League 1 level are crazy.  The club spend most of their income paying the players and re investment in the club is minimal.  The board also pride themselves as they should on not getting into debt.  There is no money magnet waiting in the wings to pick them up.  The income from a game against Utd obviously is huge and will support the club for this and next season.

Take your final day of the Premier League relegation battle and that is how much it will mean for Yeovil to win the replay against Accrington.

If you fancy listening to some smaller club songs take a listen to these.

Sing when you are winning