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The Barn Door LIVE: Week 24

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Hello everyone! Have the two early matches influenced your team decisions? I've actually managed to stick with a team I chose on Friday, with only two changes from Thursday, which is a rare occasion for me. I'm ready to get things started and hopefully have a week where I move up rather than down in the rankings!

Hit 'em Hatem! A goal or three would be a lovely start to the weekend!
Hit 'em Hatem! A goal or three would be a lovely start to the weekend!
Michael Regan

I have to admit I was slightly tempted by Andy Carroll for under 3, but I resisted temptation and settled on this group for my Week 24 team:

Hugo Lloris

Leighton Baines, Steven Caulker, Laurent Koscielny

Philippe Coutinho, Christian Eriksen, Hatem Ben Arfa, Ross Barkley

Emmanuel Adebayor, Jay Rodriguez, Luis Suarez (c)

Bench: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryan Bertrand, Massadio Haidara, Gerhard Tremmel

I'm slightly nervous about the prospect of not having any Manchester United coverage in my team, and also only having one Arsenal representative, but I love how the team looks on paper. Whether this bodes well for me this week is entirely up in the air, but I've found that I'm a happier person watching the games when I've chosen players (and teams) that I like. Rooting for Manchester United is never something I enjoy doing, so when I like a team without their players I usually go for it.

If I have time over the course of the next couple days, I'll be doing a transfer round-up of all the ins and outs that occurred over the January window, as well as which teams came out best and worst. But I'd love to get your initial impressions, so please take your pick of which team had the best January transfer window in the poll below!

Good luck to everyone this week. May the goals flow for your attackers and the clean sheets be abundant for your defense!