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EGYPT week 26 player picks (Tube Edition)

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If you didn't hear the news about the Fulham vs Liverpool game then let me remind everyone that the game might be postponed due to a tube strike so we are waiting a statement from Fulham FC around 15:00 local time which is 3 hours after the deadline ! Big news as most of us will have lots of Liverpool players plus our captain Mr Suarez!

Mind the Gap !! Fulham vs Liverpol might be postponed
Mind the Gap !! Fulham vs Liverpol might be postponed
Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY

Its a big question whether to sell all your Liverpool players and avoid all the headache or take the risk and hopefully the game will go ahead,The big worry for me is the Captain arm band, Its a big thing if your captain didn't play and until this moment I didn't decide whether I will leave Suarez as my captain or give it to someone else.

I would recommend having Liverpool players and a strong bench,Most of us already have Bertrand and OX which is all right but the bad news is that Bertrand is a slight doubt,So I would really recommend having 3 good bench players for this week.

So here are my recommendation for the picks for this week.


Dzeko: The price is really good and he got a home game against Sunderland, He got rested last time around so he should start this game.

Hazard : Thank god I had him last week and he was in top top form,The match looks good as well this week and he is on penalty kick duties ( Lampard will be rested )

Suarez/Sturridge : What a dilemma we got here ! The match is perfect but the problem is that it can be postponed so having Suarez as captain is a bit of risk,its your choice here but I think I will give the captain arm band to someone else.

Crouch : He scored last week and there is a big possibility that he may continue his streak against Swansea.

Adebayor ; Playing away to Newcastle isn't the scariest thing in the world,he is worth mentioning and can continue his red hot form this week.


Sterling/Coutinho : If you grabbed Sterling before his price went up then I would recommend leaving him for this week,In the worst case if the game is postponed then your bench will save you.

Charile Adam : Racking up 2 assists last week and on all set pieces duties for Stoke and on penalties duties as well,Good chance that he can score big this week.

Silva/Navas : One of them should be in your team as they are playing the struggling Sunderland.

Ben Arfa : He was shooting on sight last week against Chelsea,It might be the week that finally Ben Arfa scores.

Ramires : The Chelsea midfielders likes to bombard forward and he is worth it for this week as he got rested and will surely starts against WBA.

Noble : Just a feeling that he might score a penalty this week.


Kolarov : The guy is a point machine and he should be in your team this week,He will start so don't worry.

Ivanovic : If you had him before his price change then you should keep him this week.

Collins : The big West ham defender is due a goal anytime soon and this might be the game that he finally scores.

Baines : I think a lot of people are so disappointed from Baines performances in the last 4 weeks,He is due to score big in one of the games and playing home against Crystal Palace may sound a good option.

Cissokho/Flanagan : If we only knew that the game will go ahead then I would recommend one of them in your team as the price looks good for both of them.

Goal Keepers

Hart : Price is bit high but playing a home against Sunderland represent the best chance of a clean sheet this week.

Howard : Priced nicely @ 9 and playing against Crystal Palace,If you don't wanna pay a lot for Hart then Howard is your man.

Begovic : Also priced nicely @ 10 and got a good match against Swansea.

I wish everyone best of luck this week and hopefully lots of points as well.

We are trying to move the deadline to a later time so we can get the news about the Fulham vs Liverpool game and we will let you know anything if we get any news.

I am currently 14th Overall and having troubles to sneak into the Top 10 for the last 5 weeks,so hopefully this can be the week.

My team is Howard/Kompany/Kolarov/Ivanovic/Adam/Silva/Coutinho/Sterling/Suarez/Hazard/Dzeko (c)

Bench : Bertrand.OX,Nastasic.