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Week 26 Live: midweek, Luis caught the train edition.

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Drama, tension, rumours and last was just the final hours before the midweek games. A cracking midweek round ahead and we have four games Tuesday night to start.

strike talks ended brings thumbs up from Luis.
strike talks ended brings thumbs up from Luis.
Clive Rose

Well that was a more dramatic pre deadline chat than I needed.  News Monday evening that the Fulham v Liverpool match was under threat due to a proposed 48 tube strike caused a panic.  Most of all what to do with the captain that everybody held, Luis Suarez.  Then 20ish minutes from deadline we received the news we wanted, confirming that game goes ahead thanks to talks with the unions ending in an agreement.  It is hard to know how much we can benefit by the situation.  How many players knew on Monday night, how many changed their captain from Suarez and how many managed to change him back.  Finally of course I'm talking as if Suarez has already hit 25pts plus yet again, an upbeat Fulham will do their best to keep him silent.

Tuesday starts us off with four games.

Cardiff City v Aston Villa

Hull City v Southampton

West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea

West Ham United v Norwich City

Many of you will have kept faith with Eden Hazard after his hat trick against Newcastle with some making him captain.  Adam Lallana has a few fans as he travels to Hull.  in the top 50 we see a few Stewart Downing fans and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has kept the faith, well it is Man Utd next.  Did you pick anybody further playing this evening?

I moved up the rankings 19 places week 25 finishing in 37th position overall.  Not quite on Mo's tail but not too far off.

week 26 I have gone with

Hart, Ivanovic, Kolarov, Flanagan, Silva, Cazorla, Sterling, Ince, Dzeko, Hazard and of course with the armband Suarez.

Good luck all and enjoy the games