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Love me or loathe me - David Beckham

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Looking back at the Premier League greats, we start with old golden balls himself.

When he was just a boy
When he was just a boy
Shaun Botterill

In what I hope may become a series of posts, we will take a look as a number of the Premier League's biggest characters and players. We will evaluate a few of the moments that made them famous and discuss their influence on the history of the league, their clubs and the sport in general. Finally we ask the question do you love or loathe them. Whichever option you chose explain to the community just why you voted that way.

So onto the post and the opening name is not only one of the Premier League's most successful players but has gone on to become one of the most famous people in the world.

Introducing David Beckham

Born on 2 May 1975 David "Becks" Beckham began his career with Manchester United making his first team debut in 1992. One of the "Fergie fledglings" he became a first team regular in the 1995/96 season playing on the right hand side of United midfield. However the first sign of Beckham being something more than the average player happened on 17 August 1996. On the opening day of the season United were 2 nil up away to Wimbledon FC when Beckham became household name by doing this

In the 1999/99 season Beckham was part of the historic treble winning Man Utd squad but the following year saw his relationship with manager Alex Ferguson deteriorate largely as Ferguson was unhappy at the perceived change in Beckham since marriage. The relationship reached his breaking point in February 2003 when after defeat to Arsenal in a FA cup tie Ferguson lost his cool and the result was a flying boot his Beckham over the eye.

By the summer of 2003 Becks has joined the Galactico's of Real Madrid. From there he moved to LA Galaxy, then loaned to both AC Milan and PSG winning title wherever he went.

However it is in the Premier League where he became a star. Making 265 league appearance for Man Utd he scored 61 goals. He won six league titles, two FA cup's, one Champions League and a handful of other trophies.

Outside football Beckham has become an icon. As famous as many of the global brands he can be often found on television on both sides of the Atlantic, involved in numerous charity work and was one of the figureheads in the 2012 London Olympic celebrations.

In June 2003 he was honored with an OBE and seems a certainly to become Sir David at some point in the future.

Just last week Becks bought his first football club buying an MLS expansion team to be based in Miami.

Becks is without doubt one of life's over achievers. A good but never great player his best asset was his fitness and stamina. During testing he was often the clear number one player in the Utd squad with this attribute. Indeed Ferguson highlighted the drop in his performances directly to the drop in his fitness tests results. Of course his ability to produce endless chances from his pinpoint crosses particularly in the treble season comes to mind. Finally the ability to produce a match winning play cannot come any clearer than the most famous moment of his playing career. Playing for England in the final 2002 FIFA world cup group qualifier at Old Trafford against Greece. In a surprise at the time Greece (who would go on to win the Euro 2004 Championships, hence a surprise at the time) lead 2-1 going into the 93rd Minute. England needing only a point to qualify faced the playoffs but won a free kick just outside the area. Beckham stepped up and,

This came after Becks was sent off in a 1998 FIFA world cup second round game against Argentina after which he became some fans most hated player. From Villain to hero took 4 years but what a turnaround

So David Beckham, Becks or Golden balls do you love him or loathe him.