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Week 24 Sunday & Monday Live Chat: Top Four In Action

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Saturday provided an unexpected set of scores and results in the league, with very few of the favored teams earning victories or providing much in the way of fantasy points even if they did win. Will the remainder of the weekend's fixtures follow the same trend?

Can Szczesny help Arsenal return to the top of the table? Will they stay there?
Can Szczesny help Arsenal return to the top of the table? Will they stay there?
Mike Hewitt

I'm hanging my head in shame after I had 8 players return an embarrassing 33 points for my team yesterday, and with only Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho and Laurent Koscielny in action today, I'm positive I'll be sliding much further down the overall rankings. I'll be hoping for good results in real life for Liverpool to make me feel a bit better about my points travesty. I really liked my team, too!

After Manchester United's shocking loss to Stoke City yesterday, a Liverpool victory will make it extremely difficult for the defending champions to get back into the conversation for a Champions League place. The Red Devils will trail fourth place by 9 points. Do you think it's possible for them to make the Top 4? Will it just take time for Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie to gel together?

Beyond the Liverpool - West Bromwich Albion game, former league leaders Arsenal will look to regain the lead as they host Crystal Palace. We'll have to wait until Monday biggest match of the weekend, as Chelsea travel to the Etihad to take on Manchester City. The result of this game could be massively important for the title hopes of Arsenal, and could even have ramifications for Champions League hopefuls like Liverpool, Tottenham and Everton closing the gap on the leaders as the season comes to a close.

What do you think will happen in the remaining games this weekend? Who do you have left to play on your team? Hopefully your team is in better shape than mine and you've got the chance to climb the rankings from wherever you may stand. Good luck!