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Love me or loathe me: Matt Le Tissier

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Debating the Premier Leagues best or worst and wondering do you love or loathe them.

Hands in his pockets, even since retirement
Hands in his pockets, even since retirement
Jan Kruger

Last time we debated David Beckham

Becks received 130 votes; 90% said they loved him and 10% said they loathed him. Of the comments I enjoyed Keats and Yeats on my side but only to hear the mental damage Beck's has done to him but my favourite goes to SBK FC with

"I voted love Beckham because he has made soccer (football) accessible to the current generation of the American public. His manipulation of the ball and captivation of the media appeal to everything necessary to grow the sport here in the States (the last frontier?). Besides having access to world class bikinis in Southern Cali/South Florida, he actually has committed to the goal of soccer's exposure in the U.S. Does this make him a better player than Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes? Probably not, but he could turn a game with one touch and sell thousands of tickets with a haircut. Therefore, he satisfies the emotional element required of sport heroes. Love him."

For the second of our series we will take a look at Southampton all time superstar Matthew Le Tissier. "Tiss" is an interesting case when considering the stereotypical greed and attention seeking nature of the modern day player. With talent to burn and wonder goals galore not to mention a near perfect penalty record he could have chosen to play for any of the Premier League big teams. Le tissier though stayed at Southampton and blossomed as a big fish in a small pond. More than anything I cannot remember any fan not liking the man therefore I'm expecting a clean sweep of love in the poll later.

Le Tissier played at Southampton between 1986 and 2002. His top Premier League season in terms of goals was the 1994/95 season with a total of 25.

At his best playing off or behind a front man, two footed, quick of feet although he was anything but quick in running. He scored 47 of his 48 penalties.

Here we have "Le Gods" top ten goals. They get better goal after goal (hmm that is the idea of a top ten Stall). If there ever was a player that sums up the "jumpers for goalposts" idea it is this man.

Finally at the last game at the Dell, Southampton left Le Tissier on the bench but with a minute to go and the game tied at 2 all, well of course it was written.

Should you have an idea for a Love me or Loathe me please leave in the comments section. Next time out I will publish the results and my favourite comment.

So poll time, Matthew Le Tissier. Do you love him or loathe him?