MUFC's Week 28 Picks: Dropping Suarez Edition

What'd you say about dropping me? - Alex Livesey

I haven't posted my picks for a long time now and every week I say I will but something happens and I don't. Thats exactly why they're up so early. Now of course they'll be affected by the midweek games, but I think it'll be clear after the games the relevance of these picks if someone included gets injured, rotated, or is fatigued.

We have 11 weeks left and you're goal for the season is what will define your approach to these final weeks. Some are leading their private leagues and will go with the usuals to play it safe, while most, who are trying to catch up, will go for the unusual picks who are less guaranteed to produce. That is exactly the situation I'm in and precisely why the title says dropping Suarez. This year, Yahoo added the captain option in the game in hopes that it will significantly alter the weekly standings and outcomes, but thanks to Suarez, there is a fear amongst all yahoo players when choosing their captains caused by him putting up ridiculous scores, so he has become everyone's default captain. I said earlier that Sturridge's return will change Suarez's weekly scores and he might not be the guaranteed captain every week, and that's exactly what happened.

There is an opportunity now to not only change your captain, but also to drop Suarez, especially if they have a blank week on GW 29. If that happens, they have a very difficult 6 games coming up in order:

Southampton (A), Manchester United (A), Cardiff City (A), Tottenham (H), West Ham United (A), Manchester City(H).

Very solid teams defensively. But of course Sunderland home might be in there somewhere.. Why I say this, is because the people that are leading, or at least in my private league are all in on Liverpool week in week out, but this is the time and way to overpass them.. If you captain Suarez every week chances are you're not going to close the gap between you and someone 150 points away.. If you really want to give yourself the chance to overtake someone, this is the time to drop Suarez, change your captain, go with your gut, and be smart with your picks..

On to the picks then:


McGregor- My GK pick, hosting Newcastle at home, who have been shy of goals lately.. Put up 20 pts last week.. Great at the BD price of 6.07.. Still affordable at around 10..

Vorm- Swansea's #1 keeper's price has gone to 7.61 after the Liverpool match in which he surprisingly only got 2 negative points.. Just proves how good of a keeper he is.. Great matchup against Palace at home.. Should be a popular GK pick especially since the price is right..

Cech- If you have the money, Cech is your man against Fulham.. Chelsea are too good defensively to give away a goal against Fulham, but you never know..

Lloris- Hosting Cardiff, the GK pick of the week arguably but is a bit too pricy.. For those of you with discounts, Ken, you don't need me to advise you to keep him..

Guzan- We all know Aston Villa dont keep many CS but Guzan comes up with a lot of saves (almost 3 per match), and it's great home match against Norwich in which they will need a big performance from him


Baines- Not a big fan fantasy-wise this season, but he did bag a brace in the reverse fixture.. Your call

Rosenoir/Davies/Figueroa- Very solid defensively and should get a CS hosting Newcastle.. Rosenoir is your man if you picked him up on the BD..

Fonte- Now hear me out.. He's facing SAS and has just come away from a 3-1 loss to West Ham.. Soton aren't the same team defensively as they were earlier, but with Lovren back, I think this could be the week they show us their defensive discipline again.. And you know what Fonte will return if they shut SAS out, and he's been putting up some good scores lately..

Bertrand- At a buck, Bertrand is an option that'll allow you the ability to invest elsewhere.. Facing Norwich at home, and Snodgrass in particular could mean some defensive points..

Luiz- Mourinho's return means Chelsea are a safe bet defensively, but with Terry, Cahill, and Ivanovic's prices all above 15, its a bit too late.. BUT Luiz(12) should be back from injury for Wednesday night and after that game we should be able to tell if he starts against Fulham or not.. If he does, we all saw what he can do against Fulham last year..

Vertonghen- If you've got the money to spend, Vert's price dropped nicely after Norwich and he should repay you nicely

BFG- Scored in the reverse fixture and will be important in this one as well, should block a few shots and will return big numbers if they get the away CS..

Rangel/Taylor- If you have the money Rangel is your man for the Swansea coverage/If not Neil Taylor is arguably the cheap defender(other than Bertrand) of the week if you got him @the bd price of 2.7, if you didn't BD he's still very cheap @4.59 and playing in Ben Davies' position.. Of course we'll have to monitor the fitness of Davies later on this week and it should be clear by the Napoli game.


Cazorla- This one is going to be a tough game and I wouldn't blame anyone if they went with Adam who plays like never before in big games.. But Cazorla will be in the middle of everything good from Arsenal and should get his fair share of points..

Nolan- Nolan has been the key to West Ham's form of late and with his partner in crime back, he is a great pick even at retail.. Read Carroll for my opinion on this game

Bacuna- He's been a little below the radar even given his form of late, partially because he's playing in a deeper role than in fantasy much like Coleman.. Dont be fooled though, as he is very involved in attacks and takes most FKs and does a lot of defensive work as well, averaging over 10 pts/game in the past 5 weeks.. Picked him up @ the BD price of 10ish but is still very much affordable

Thud/Elmohamady/Livermore- All great picks for this week against Newcastle, depends on your feeling towards the match and who you think will have the biggest impact.. Worth the investment, especially at discounts.. I'm leaning towards THud because of the set piece factor

Ince/Ledley- The new boys are very popular given the straight impact they had, but we haven't seen much of them so far.. Playing Swansea at the Liberty is tough, but its a big chance for Palace espcially with Swansea preoccupied with their game against Napoli.. Could be a big score here and I am very likely to have Ince in my final team..

Tottenham Midfield- The reason why I don't have specific players is because we should decide who is valuable after their Europa League game on Thursday.. Based on rotation and rests we should be able to decide whether or not Eriksen/Paulinho will feature/have enough game time against Cardiff.. Maybe even Townsend..

Shelvey/De Guzman- They'll fancy their chances at home against Palace.. Shelvey's situation should be clear by the weekend.. If he's not fit, De Guzman who is about 3 million more expensive is the choice from the Swansea midfield


LOTS and LOTS of options this week and this is the position that will make or break you this week..

Hazard- Fulham cant stop him right now..

Giroud- Many picked him up on the BD as he was in everything good from Arsenal against Sunderland.. He'll want to keep it going especially because of what's going on with his personal life.. If he gets the right supply, he'll be fighting to score..

Benteke- Hosting Norwich who are pretty solid defensively but this a very important match for both teams and could crack open.. if that happens Benteke could win us all back..

Bony- A very prolific player form what I've seen.. Hosting Crystal Palace, he'll like his chances and I do too

Adebayor- Hosting Cardiff could be his chance to make up for the disappointment @Carrow Road.. I'm keeping faith here..

Lukaku- Comeback game for Lukaku.. Will want to go straight to the scoresheet.. Got the winner in the reverse game and could do it again at home

Carroll- Speaking of comebacks.. Carroll is back from suspension and will go straight back into the starting 11.. We all know the impact he can have and with West Ham's surprisingly BRILLIANT form of late I wouldn't bet against a big upset here especially with the big man up top..

Jelavic/Long- Linked together beautifully against Cardiff and should both start again at home against Newcastle after the rests against Brighton.. Both priced fairly, especially if you BD'ed Jelly