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Let me introduce myself: Kostas Mitroglou

Fulham FC new centre forward, purchased to save them from relegation wishes to bring himself to your attention.

I will cost you 6m.  Who are you to refuse!
I will cost you 6m. Who are you to refuse!
Paolo Bruno

One of the more interesting January window signings was made by Fulham. With star Forward Dimitar Berbatov now playing for Monaco, the club acted by signing Kostas Mitroglou from Champions League regular Olympiacos. Now before I start, we are going to have to simplify the guys name for blog and typing purposes. I will start with Kostas and you can suggest alternatives should you wish. Kostas has a goal record of 41 in 86 games for Olympiacos. Goals in the champions league are included, 1 away to Arsenal and 3 away to Anderlecht, becoming the first greek player to score in the competition.

Kostas signed a new contract extension with Olympiacos on 19 December 2013. The contract extended his time at the club until 2017. Move forward to 31 January 2014 and he had now signed for Fulham in a 4 and half year deal. So much for a new contract being worth much to the fans of the existing club.

Interestingly Kostas was a name in the Arsenal gossip columns as a forward to cover Olivier Giroud. More of interest however, is his reputation for greed. Greed as we should know is a prized ingredient in fantasy football. While Fulham fans may wish him to pass when in certain positions, all good fantasy managers will enjoy him shooting from all angles. He also has a reputation for creating his own chances, also an attribute we managers look for.

Check out "a best of Kostas" video

Should Yahoo decide to enter him in the system, then Kostas with the right fixture becomes an alternative pick to come.