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Love me or loathe me; Stan Collymore

Controversial and opinionated, Stan asks for your view on him. Oh and footage of the leagues greatest game is included in this one.

Typical modern footballer feeling the cold!
Typical modern footballer feeling the cold!
Stu Forster

Last time it was Alan Shearer who came under the spotlight

The Newcastle legend received 140 votes; 84% loved him and 16% loathed him. Of the comments the clear favourite was Keats and Yeats who wrote

Not for the first time I am about to make myself unpopular

So let me ease into this by saying I actually loved the football that Newcastle used to play under Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson was everything right with game. So a quick list of why I am not keen on Alan.

Worth noting the reaction the FA gave in clearing Shearer for that kick in the video above

"In reaching its decision the commission accepted that the incident was initially caused by Neil Lennon pulling at the shirt of Alan Shearer turning round and trapping his leg. The commission further accepted that the alleged incident of Alan Shearer swinging out with his left leg was a genuine attempt to free himself."

Watch the video again and imagine the outcry if Rooney or Suarez had done that ! So all he did to get off was threaten to withdraw himself from the 98 world cup and suddenly Lennon is guilty of headbutting his foot.

On to how dull the man is. For those of you who have managed to miss his narration here is how he celebrated winning the Premiership with Blackburn "creosoting the fence" Its in his biography that this multimillionaire who had just attained the pinnacle of British football could not think of anything more exciting to do than weather proof his garden fence.

Got Ruud Gullit the sack ! etc etc I will stop now but the man is a dullard and as Sir Bobby Robson noted never fully recovered from his Ankle surgery as he was a hell of a player before that but never hit those heights again.

I'm surprised Alan had as high a love as he did. So in an attempt to find a villain in the piece this I give you Stan Collymore. Please enjoy, vote and leave a comment.

Collymore has played for Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Fulham, Leicester and Bradford City showing both his value as a proven Premier League player but also an inconsistent one. During his playing days at least he brought baggage which prevented his talent quite meeting his achievements.

Early in his career a number of powerful displays for Nottingham Forest scoring 41 in 65 games earnt him a big money move to Liverpool for a then British record fee of £8.5m. Replacing Liverpool legend Ian Rush he formed a deadly pairing with Robbie Fowler helping them to a third place finish in the Premier League. During this two year period Collymore starred in the greatest Premier league game of all time with the most dramatic of winners. "Collymore closing iiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn" So dramatic surely you need to leave a comment.

Next was a move to his boyhood favourites Aston Villa then a following move to Leicester neither of which really worked out. During this time Stans personal issues whilst suffering from clinical depression affected his on pitch performances.

Collymore was still capable of those moments of brilliance and after moving Bradford City he showed once again this ability against Leeds United.

In 1998 Collymore's relationship with TV celebrity Ulrika Johnson ended after he punched her in a bar. He later married before divorcing after being arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his wife. In 2004 he lost his job at BBC Five live after being accused of taking part in an dogging incident (for my overseas readers don'y type the meaning into your pc with your wife/girlfriend over your shoulder-you have been warned).

Stan has now seemly learnt some lessons and settled down in life. He now is a vocal voice on national radio over racism and depression. He still likes a verbal argument over and endless number of footballing topics in the new role. Further he has become a commentator and in this role he can release his passion for the sport even when the goal is against England!

So Stan Collymore do you love him or loathe him. Did I remember to say leave a comment? great, so please leave a comment.