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Week 30 Pre deadline chat

Wow ! I can't believe that we are in week 30 and the season is almost finishing, Let me remind you as well that week 30 is the Quarter Final of the Blog cup and we will be down to 100 players after this week, So how is your team shaping up for this week ? Let's talk about it

Alvaro! Where are my shooting boots??
Alvaro! Where are my shooting boots??
Shaun Botterill

And finally I squeezed into the top 20 after a lot of tries this season,I am currently sitting on 13th and hopefully can finish in the Top 10 this year.

My team for this week is Boruc/Kompany/Ivanovic/Baines/Holtby/Barkley/Lallana/Eriksen/JRod/Lukakau/Suarez (c)

Bench : PJones/Lennon/Bertrand/Foster

I am pretty happy with the team and not looking for any changes.

Let's talk a bit before the deadline and hopefully I can help you out if you need any help.