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Sunday Live Chat: El Clasico Edition

With two Premier League matches of little import to the majority of fantasy managers today, we can turn our attentions to the second half of the double game week Tuesday and Wednesday. But first, we've got one of the biggest matches in world football to attend to.

Has Luis Suarez entered the best player conversation with Messi and Ronaldo?
Has Luis Suarez entered the best player conversation with Messi and Ronaldo?

Of course, I don't intend to completely ignore the Tottenham Hotspur - Southampton game or the Aston Villa - Stoke match that's just doubtful many of us managers will have players from any of these teams.

Thankfully, the action yesterday should have been more than enough to carry us over into midweek, with a record number of goals scored for the season and quite a few teams keeping clean sheets.

I've managed a very respectable return of 213 points so far, but thanks to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's temporary stint as Arsenal goalkeeper yesterday I may lose a couple points before the week is done. That decision also means I may be left with only 10 players for the midweek fixtures, but I'm confident of continuing to move up the overall rankings.

My only regrettable decision so far has been dropping Curtis Davies for Glen Johnson--a move which has so far cost me 14 points. Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge are pretty much on level pegging at this point, so I'll wait to pass judgment on that decision until the end of the game week.

How is your team doing so far? Does anybody have players from today's matches? Perhaps Ryan Bertrand will make a few fantasy owners happy today. What are your predictions for the El Clasico match? I'll say 3-2 Barcelona. Enjoy!