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A few thoughts on a Monday.

Halfway through week 31 and the Premier League is moving towards a famous finish.

Good news for Stall as the FA say this guy can play against the Swans.  Lets hope Wenger remembers to start him!
Good news for Stall as the FA say this guy can play against the Swans. Lets hope Wenger remembers to start him!

To tidy things up lets have a quick chat on a couple topics as we head into the second part of the double week.

Nobody is in the red

After the referee made such a mess of the the Chelsea 6-0 wipe out of Arsenals title bid the FA have swept that all under the carpet as neither Kieran Gibbs or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain end up with red cards. Being honest that is the correct call. Obviously Gibbs did nothing wrong while the shot that the Ox punched out the way was going wide. However expect an unhappy Swansea City camp should either start and star tomorrow night.

The title race becomes a three way dual.

While Mathematics suggest Arsenal are still in the race the mental beatdown has ended their dream for this season. In reality it was a season too early and minus their seasons star players Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott they were on a freeroll of sorts. The FA cup semi didn't look straightforward prior it now it is a hugely pressured game that they simply must win to end that trophy drought. Meanwhile as Manchester United fan I'm pleased to watch Liverpool win again (cough) this time just scoring 6 at Cardiff City and letting Cardiff hold the lead twice (cat playing with dead mouse). With the league's best player and the best team attack they have it in their own hands. The pressure isnt quite on them yet as they are playing catch up but their confidence must be sky high after such consistent match winning performances. Manchester City minus Kun Aguero kept pace but may have to win at Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd to win back their title. Minus Kun that seems a big ask to me. Chelsea look the obvious champions full of experience and unbeaten against all the big guns this season. However a Champions league quarter final will stretch their forward line depth and they still have to go to Anfield. It is this tie that may ultimately direct the title towards the winner. Jose Mourinho has often been content to take a draw away or nick games. A performance matching that of their win at Man City a few weeks back may be needed. A draw opens the door to City while Liverpool have the name on the cup feeling should they win. Whatever happens this is a great title race even without the defending champs fighting to the end.

Getting ready for the richest game in football

The relegation situation only changed a little as the bottom 7 all lost. Norwich with their nightmare end run of fixtures won a must win game with Sunderland and did it with plenty to spare. Cardiff and Fulham are needing to win at least 4 of their last 6 something unlikely to happen and they seem gone. Sunderland may have the spirit for the fight but it appears not the firepower. A home tie next Monday night against West Ham is a must win tie.

See you tomorrow