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Week 32 Pre deadline chat+ Plane message :)

Rotation should be a big factor this week and I am expecting a lot of changes especially in Man United line up due to their game against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, I am waiting until line up are announced to finalize my team, How is your team shaping up?

The Chosen One??
The Chosen One??
Alex Livesey

I am also waiting for the plane that will fly around the Old Trafford before the kick off showing the message of ( WRONG ONE,MOYES OUT) ! It's really a shame that a group of supporters can make to their coach in the first year a kind of message like that. I know the results have been bad and the team is not performing to the highest level but to do a message like that is simply wrong in my opinion.

Are you with me regarding this matter or you think supporters are correct? Let's discuss!