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Quick Poll - Recommended Comments

The powers that be at SBNation Headquarters have informed us that we have the option to make a change to the color of recommended comments if we so choose - but we wanted to leave it up to you!

Blue or Green? You make the call!
Blue or Green? You make the call!
Alexander Hassenstein

*Disclaimer* - In order for an article to be published here, there need to be at least 150 words, so forgive my ramblings below. If you'd like to skip ahead and just vote in the poll, there's not too much vital information beyond a basic description of the changes we'd be making if you so chose. Enjoy!

Some of the other communities around SBNation (including The Liverpool Offside, which I frequent) make use of the "Rec" functionality on comments quite a bit more than we do here at NMA, but we still make use of it occasionally to help identify starting lineups and the occasional comment that is especially entertaining or poignant.

Now we have the opportunity to make a small change to the aesthetic of the blog by changing the color of these recommended comments from the traditional green to a combination of our blog colors. See below for an example:

SBNation Recommended Comment Colors Blue & Red

From the comments on the SBNation article, it appears as if choosing blue will be the best option for us with a red thumbs-up icon like the image above, though we could also opt for red with a blue thumbs-up. The only thing to note here is that 'red' may actually appear more like pink, so it's something to keep in mind when voting.

We wanted to leave this decision to you, so please vote below and we'll see where things stand at the end of the week.