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A few weekend thoughts and a Monday night Live

Sunderland and West Ham finish off this weeks games and its must win time in the Premier League.

Stall hopes alternative Alonso scores heavy tonight
Stall hopes alternative Alonso scores heavy tonight
Scott Heavey

Week in week out the Premier League delivers and this week the title race really opened up.

The title race

Chelsea lost at Crystal Palace, Manchester City didn't take advantage losing the lead at Arsenal leaving Liverpool to pile the pressure on with a easy 4-0 win over Tottenham.

Now listen to this, IF Liverpool win their last 6 games they are champions.  IF Man City win their last 8 they are Champions.  IF Pool and City drop points in two games and Chelsea win the remaining they win the title.  Finally IF Manchester United win their remaining ties with a plus 15 goal difference THEY, oh wait ummm no forget that maybe next year.

It really is an amazing title run in and it feels like there will be a few twists and turns before this season's Champion is crowned.  Momentum is with Pool and so are two players who are best under pressure in the big games Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard.  Certainly Gerrard is one of the leagues best ever players and this maybe the last chance he has of completing the set of trophies League Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, Champions League, Charity Shield and the missing item Premier League Championship.  One thing fantasy wise.  Should pool go into the final game needing a win for the title then Gerrard will score the goal that wins it, he always does.

Michael Owens Awesomeness

Michael is a nice fella but boy is there a pundit in the game with less personality than Mr Owen his name will be Alan.  It's not just that, its his views on the game.  How somebody so involved in the sport can be so poor is amazing.  Today after Fulham got beat again Michael predicted "for me they are gonna go down" .  Wonderful mate, there is a chestnut of a bet.  Checking the odds they are ONE TO EIGHT on to go down.  Thats bet £ with win a £1 profit.  Further this weekend he believes Chelsea should have bought Benteke.  Only Micheal after that amazing miss at Old Trafford and sub par second season can come up with that idea instead of buyeing Falcoa or not letting Everton loan Lukaku.   For those of you in the UK he will be on the World cup team in the summer, find the mute button people or drink and extra beer pre kick off.

Moyes gets a moment of joy

Yes Utd won as they always do against their favourite team Aston Villa but with the Bayern Munich on the horizon, the moment of the day From David's point of view must be the crowd reaction to the plane banner.  Quite why the fans who paid for it thought it would influence any club decision is beyond me.  However the plane flew and the banner was seen.  The crowd within the ground seemed pretty much behind the Moyes despite his first season, something a little different to the normal response to failure.  I'm not saying I'm convinced Moyes can or will turn this around in the short time he has (by Christmas next year latest) but I'm a little proud grown adults reacted to the pathetic gesture the way they did.  What every Man Utd fan should want, no, must demand is attacking football full of flair, full of bold approaches and a desire to win every game 5-0 home or away.  We are huge dogs against the mighty Bayern machine and it looks for all the world Bayern are too strong over two legs but if we are to go down Tuesday night I hope we put them on the back foot, close them down, enforce our will and attack, attack, attack attack attack (and repeat)