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Week 29 Pre deadline chat

What a tough week we are facing with lots of our discounted players staying on the bench, What was your strategy for this week? I didnt do anything foolish and kept all discounted players on the bench, I am waiting the WBA / United team news as I will surely grab a couple of United players in my team.

One of them must be your captain this week
One of them must be your captain this week
Laurence Griffiths

With less than 2 hours away from a tricky week, Are you going to do any last minute changes?

I really recommend having some Man Utd players in your starting eleven for this week.

I am currently on Boruc/Jones/Ivanovic/Reither/Brunt/Lallana/Holtby/Whelan/Young or Januzaj/Jay Rod/RVP (c)

Bench : Davis/Kompany/Bertrand/Suarez.

Lets chat and discuss before the deadline .