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Week 34 live chat: relegation on the line

Our focus will be on our double game picks but the biggest game of the day is the relegation dogfight between Fulham and Norwich. Whilst Sunderland/Cardiff slim hope mean it is must win for both to have any chance of Premier League football next season.

Dangermouse's side kick must win today and he may just do so.
Dangermouse's side kick must win today and he may just do so.
Ross Kinnaird

So you should have selected a team mainly of 2 game players correct?  My constant obsession with trying to find an alternative pick had me almost picking Bolini then switching to a player that has largely done it for me this season Adam Johnson.  With 2 minutes to go Jason Puncheon had the armband.  Last week only 2 of the top 50 had him and I felt it was the time to gamble for the big one.  Did I stick with that?  to my shame I folded under pressure.

The player prices and the return from injury of Kun Aguero made it very difficult to pick a side I was happy with and I ended up with one I feel a little frustrated with.  Howard went late as I already had two Everton defenders.

Szczesny, Baines, Stones, Kompany, Johnson, Ledley, Puncheon, Barkley, Aguero, Lukaku, Suarez

The arm band went to Baines where I hope for a clean sheet and a penalty goal over the two games.  I hope we see a return to the phantom machine we have known previous.

Tomorrow is the big title clash between Liverpool and Manchester City and a huge percentage of the community are pool fans so there will some emotions in the post i'm sure.

Today the line up is

C Palace v Aston Villa

Fulham v Norwich City

Southampton v Cardiff City

Stoke v Newcastle

Sunderland v Everton

West Bromwich Albion v Tottenham

An important note.  It is the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy and the games this weekend will start 7mins after the hour in honour of those who lost their life.  If the Liverpool side player with the emotion of their fans for the occasion even Man City may not be able to stop them.  The atmosphere at Anfield yesterday will feel like fate and will be hard to match anywhere in sport this year.